The Best Magnetic Word Cards for Classroom Whiteboards

Magnetic word cards for classroom whiteboards are game changers for making interactive tables and charts on your classroom whiteboard. It is a good idea to have magnetic cards in different sizes and colors to make graphic organizers that have word cards that you can easily move around into different headings.

Bigger cards can be used alongside smaller ones when creating bubble maps or sequencing stories on the whiteboard with your students. It is best to use magnetic cards that are not too thick, but have enough magnetism to hold them in place. Cards must also be large enough to be easily seen from across the room. With dry erase magnetic cards, you can use them on your magnetic whiteboard and other metal surfaces that are magnetic like your metal filing cabinet, metal cupboards, lockers, and metal classroom door.

I love to find practical classroom ideas for teachers. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas below are based on Amazon finds that are great options for magnetic word cards for classroom whiteboards.

Types of Magnetic Word Cards for Classroom Whiteboards

Magnetic word cards can be color-coded in different colors or white. The thin word cards are printable. Here is a list of how teachers are using different types of magnetic word cards in theor classrooms:

Multicolor Magnet Whiteboard Strips: These are 75 magnetic pads in 5 colors that can be used on magnetic whiteboards. You can write on them with a whiteboard marker, and wipe them off again. You can also cut some of them into arrows or other shapes for diagrams. They can be stacked up on each other in neat heaps, right on a corner of your whiteboard, when you are done with them. This is a good way to keep them nearby for the next time you need to use them.

Printable magnetic sheets for making DIY word cards: There are white, dry erase magnetic sheets that you can print words on and cut them out for your word wall. I should mention that the sheets are thinner than they look so they can be printable, but they stay on well. After printing, just peel off the backing to place the cards on your whiteboard.

Uses for Magnetic Word Cards for Classroom Whiteboards

Magnetic dry-erase word cards are typically used for site words, sequencing activities, whiteboard headings, whiteboard flashcards, mini student whiteboards, and interactive tables and charts on the classroom whiteboard. Teachers can arrange and rearrange these cards on a whiteboard to create sentences, phrases, or engage in interactive language activities with students.

How Teachers Use Blank Magnetic Word Cards for Whiteboards

Use jumbo magnetic dry-erase magnetic cards for headings: These reusable magnetic dry-erase cards are great for moving around large headings or words on the tables or charts on your whiteboard. They have different colors for borders so that you can use them for color-coded sorting as well. These are the most popular magnetic word cards for classroom whiteboards and they can work with DIY magnetic whiteboards too.

For writing spelling words with guide lines: For these dry-erase cards, the teacher uses a permanent marker for the handwriting lines, and a dry-erase marker for the words. The lines make it easier to write the words.

Sentence Construction: Teachers can demonstrate sentence structure and syntax by arranging the cards into sentences. Students can also work in groups or individually to create their own sentences, which can be a fun and interactive way to reinforce grammar and writing skills.

Grammar and Parts of Speech: Magnetic word cards for classroom whiteboards can be color-coded or labeled to represent different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.). Students can then use these cards to learn about sentence structure and identify the role of each word in a sentence.

Vocabulary Development: Teachers can introduce new vocabulary words and their definitions using magnetic word cards. Students can match words with their meanings or create sentences using the new words to reinforce their understanding.

Sentence Analysis: Teachers can present sentences with errors or missing words and have students correct or complete them using magnetic word cards. This is a hands-on way to teach sentence structure and editing skills.

Choosing Magnetic Word Cards for Classroom Whiteboards

When selecting magnetic word cards for your classroom, consider factors such as the age and grade level of your students, the specific language skills you want to target, and the size of your whiteboard. Magnetic word cards come in various sizes and designs, so choose ones that suit your classroom needs and teaching objectives.

I hope you found inspiration here, now that you’ve seen how teachers are using magnetic word cards for classroom whiteboards. You may also be interested in these blog posts about classroom whiteboard tips, and magnetic border trims for whiteboards.