Mobile Chairs for Teachers

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Comfortable mobile chairs for teachers are necessary for making a teacher comfortable at work. Teacher chairs need to be adjustable for height and have the right back support to prevent back pain. Teachers also like to have mobile chairs for scooting around from desk to desk. Teachers can use chair covers to make their chairs match the color theme of the classroom. This also preserves the chair and prevents stains from spills.

The most important thing about a teacher’s chair is comfort, and not so much how good it looks. A wide adjustable chair, that has lumbar support with arm rests, is the kind of mobile teacher chair that you need.

I love to find practical classroom ideas for teachers. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are mobile chairs for teachers.

Mobile Chairs for Teachers

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Ergonomic Teacher Chair: This teacher chair (#ad) has a reclining feature and it is quite comfortable for long periods of time. Many teachers opt for having two chairs like this, one for the teacher desk, and one for moving around between the student desks to work with students.

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Mobile Chairs for Teachers

Lumbar Support Adjustable Chairs: With a chair that has lumbar support, you get adequate back support. This mesh chair also has good cushioning in the seat, arm support and two adjusting levers; one to adjust the height, and the other to lock the reclining of the chair. The other chair is similar but has neck support.

Tropical leaves mobile teacher chair

Themed mobile teacher chairs: Some teachers really fall in love with a theme, and they’ll have that theme represented everywhere, even on their chair. That’s real love right there. You can do that, yes, especially if you want to have the same theme each year for a few years. If, however, you want to try a new theme each year, a more affordable way to enjoy your theme is to just throw on a chair cover that matches your theme.

Padded back mobile teacher chair

Back-padded teacher chairs: This kind of chair is the thick, heavy-duty kind because the chair back is heavily padded as the seat. I think of it as a ‘grandfather chair’ on wheels for the classroom. See the different color options it comes in, here, on Amazon.

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How to Preserve Mobile Chairs for Teachers

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Cover the seat with faux leather: For this teacher chair, the teacher covered the seat with faux leather before putting it together to make it more durable for her classroom.

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Use fabric covers on the seat and back: You can get chair covers that come in pairs for the seat and the back rest to cover your chair. Teachers like to use covers to have their chair match their classroom color theme. A good chair cover set fits well and has some stretch, but not too much, because you don’t want it to look loose on your chair. It also shouldn’t shift after you sit on it for a while. The black teacher chair in the picture is covered with this pink chair cover set.

how to protect chair wheels from carpets with an acrylic mat

Use an acrylic mat to protect chair wheels from carpets: Carpet threads can get caught up in the wheels of a mobile chair. This causes the wheels to lock and become immobile. These threads are a pain to take out. It is best to prevent this from happening by having a designated smooth acrylic mat for your mobile chair. I like this clear acrylic mat because you can still see the carpet through it and it will not clash with your classroom theme colors.

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Mobile Chairs for Teachers Need Covers

A good chair cover is an asset for your teacher-chair because

  • It can be washed it if gets stains or spills,
  • It protects your chair back and chair seat from getting ‘wear and tear’,
  • It can be of a chosen color or theme to match your classroom style.

Chair Covers for Mobile Teacher Chairs

Describing chair covers is just like describing swimsuits; there’s the one-piece whole cover, the two-piece (two separate covers, one for the back and one for the seat), and there are also three-piece covers for headrest, back, and the seat.

This is a collection of chair covers I’ve found to fit different mobile chairs for teachers. If you need to choose one for your chair, look at the size of the chair back and chair seat. The sizes are different, but the size is the primary factor to consider. Once you find the right size, click on the picture to see the different color options that are available on its Amazon page. Many of the covers come in different colors and themed patterns.

Two-Piece Chair Covers for Teacher Chairs

chair cover for small 2 piece mobile teacher chairFloral pattern cover for mobile chairs for teachers
Covers for mobile teachers chairs

This is a 17″D x 17″W x 17″H polyester chair cover with forty different color options.

chair cover avocado teacher chair

Use chair covers for different themes: Your teacher chair cover can be changed out to reflect themes, seasons, or special occasions. This teacher chair was covered with an avocado cover by a Hispanic teacher that reflects her culture in every part of her classroom.

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When Should You Replace Your Old Teacher Chair?

Old teacher chair with failing back rest

If your mobile chair no longer gives you the lumbar back support that you need, that’s when you should replace it. The back support in chairs can get weaker and weaker over time which can make the inward curve for the lower back part of the whole chair, flatten out. In the two-piece mobile chairs, when the back rest is no longer upright and it just rests at an obtuse angle to the seat, that’s when it is unsafe for your back, and you should get a new one.

So, you see there is a lot to consider when looking at mobile chairs for teachers. The most important thing for any teacher to consider is back support. The aesthetics are secondary.

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