Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards

Scrabble themed classroom Bulletin Boards

If you need ideas for making Scrabble themed bulletin boards, you can find them here. A Scrabble classroom theme is all about finding your core values and seeing how they are interconnected. I also like that it encourages a spirit of working towards a high score. This theme is popular for older students like upper elementary students and those in middle school. If you are a fan of point systems for classroom management, a Scrabble theme would be a good fit for your classroom.

How to Make Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards

Making a Scrabble themed bulletin board is easier than you think. The main thing that you need is a set of large Scrabble letter tiles. Lay them out on your bulletin board or classroom wall to form words that interconnect, just like they do on a Scrabble board. The words you choose can be a sentence or a group of words that describe or represent your classroom goals.

Sizes of Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards

Scrabble themed bulletin boards are usually very large because of the size of the letter tiles. The more words you include, will be the larger the bulletin board gets. Their sizes are ideal for school hallway bulletin boards. However, there are smaller Scrabble bulletin boards that work like letter boards. See an example in this blog post about types of letter boards.

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The ideas below are great for making a beautiful Scrabble themed bulletin boards and Scrabble themed wall art on your classroom wall.

Ideas for Scrabble Themed Bulletin Boards

Scrabble Bulletin Board for the classroom

Scrabble letter word choice: Use large Scrabble letters to make verbs to name the positive actions that you want your students to do. Create words like learn, read, explore, grow, aim, and dream.

Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards 1Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards 3

Use large Scrabble letter cut outs: These are beautiful Scrabble themed bulletin boards, made with the Eureka punch out large Scrabble letters. The black one has the words: explore, dream, imagine, read, and learn. The flowers one has the words: play, learn, read, inspire, and dream.

Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards 5

Welcome to Our Class Mini Scrabble Bulletin Board Set: This Eureka Scrabble bulletin board set just has the capital Scrabble letters ‘Welcome to Our Class’ in a large size that you can add to your bulletin board. The other letters for the students’ names came from this set. The border trim is also Scrabble themed.

Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards 7Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards 9

Make Scrabble Word Walls: The large Scrabble letter cutouts are stuck right on the classroom wall to make word walls that can be read from afar.

Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards 11

How to Make Large Scrabble tiles for Bulletin Boards

Instead of buying large Scrabble tiles, you can make them yourself to have the size, font style, letter availability, quality, and quantity that you need for your bulletin board project.

Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards 13Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards 15

Spray paint on blank tiles with a stencil: These 5″ square wooden blank tiles are being spray painted with black spray paint through 5″ Scrabble letter stencils to make large DIY Scrabble tiles. The teacher attached the stencil at the top and bottom with painters tape to hold it in place on the wooden square. A makeup wedge with very little paint was used to blot black acrylic paint (up and down, not at an angle) in three coats. Each coat dried quickly so she was able to make several letters at a time. The tiles are available in 3 inches, 4 inches, and 5 inches squared.

Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards 17

Stick adhesive letters onto wood tiles: This method will give you simple letter tiles. All you will need is spay paint it stain the wood tiles, contrasting 3″ self adhesive letter stickers, and 4″ wooden square tiles.

Scrabble themed Bulletin Boards 11

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