7 Best Tall Classroom Lamps

7 Best Tall Classroom Lamps 1

Tall classroom lamps are great for focusing light in dimmer areas of a classroom, like a reading corner or a center work corner. Lighting plays a huge role in the classroom environment. While every classroom has ceiling lights, there are certain areas of your space that will need extra lighting which can be adjusted by both intensity and direction. A muted lamp with a shade, can help to set a comfortable mood in the classroom. I feel like a classroom that is adequately lit makes me feel more awake and positive. This can probably be related to the positive effects of light therapy.

However, too much light is very overstimulating, that’s why it is good to have lamps with dimmers so that the intensity of the light can be adjusted. Some teachers prefer to use lamps if the LED ceiling lights in their classroom are too bright.

Types of Tall Lamps for Classrooms

There are different styles and types of classroom lamps that you can use to suit your class level. The traditional style of the single shade lamp can go with any theme and work for any grade level. The medusa lamps have multiple bulbs that branch out from the lamp pole. These are very decorative, and they make a stylish statement. There are also the very modern LED pole lamps that do not use traditional bulbs. The light runs along the pole itself and teachers use it because it does not take up much space at all.

Any lamp that can be positioned to stand on the floor and has a long pole for making the light shine downwards into the room is a tall lamp or floor standing lamp. You would not want the light from your classroom lamp to shine at the eye level of your students, especially if it is a lamp that has naked bulbs (no shade). The light should always shine from above eye level. Also, you should look for tall classroom lamps with a dimmer setting so that they can give you the amount of light you need. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are good options for tall classroom lamps.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links.

Tall Classroom Lamps with Lampshades

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Shade tall lamps: This tall drum shade lamp is a great value for a good price. The switch is on the ground, and you or your studsents just have to step on it to turn it on.

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Brightech Medusa lamps for classrooms

Medusa Lamps: These are beautiful multi-bulb tall lamps with removable shades for each bulb. Most come with both white shades and colorful shades, to match your classroom theme colors. The benefit of this type of lamp is that it has different settings where 2, 3, or all 5 lights turn on so you can control the brightness. This type of lamp is great for a reading nook.

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Color-changing Tall Classroom Lamps

Shelf Floor LampsThese floor lamps have 3-tier shelves and USB ports. You can pick various colors plus there is a night lamp feature. This lamp can be used to store featured reading books or baskets with classroom supplies in the shelves.

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2 Headed Lamps: This double headed floor lamp is has two bulbs that shine in different directions. The taller bulb and the top has a shade that directs the light upwards. This light will bounce off the ceiling to create a softer light ambience. The lower light can be rotated to shine is a different direction.   

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Affortable Tall Classroom Lamp with cylinder shade: This economical lamp is a good addition to a dark classroom. It is rare to find a lamp like this, to have quality lighting and be affordable. I would recommend it for teachers that are on a budget.

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Tall Classroom Lamps without Lampshades

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LED Corner Pole Lamp: This lamp has 16 light color changes that you can switch through with a remote. I like it for science class or a Star Wars classroom theme because it looks like a lightsaber. The major benefit of this type of lamp is that it saves space and is perfect for a small classroom.

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3-Headed Lamps: I love that this lamp can dim, and it is a very stylish way to add extra light to the dark areas of your classroom. It is great for an industrial chic classroom theme. 

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RBG Color Changing Standing Floor Lamps: This lamp gives off a ton of light on the white light setting which can be good for early mornings and for group reading. The warm light is can be great for when the projector is being used or for other times when you would want the classroom to be a little dimmer. Since students generally like to change colors on the tall classroom lamps, you can leave that job to them.

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Theme Based Lamps and Lampshades for Classrooms

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There are lamps that are created for specific themes, for example, a tall Mickey Mouse lamp for a Mickey themed classroom. You can always search for lamps that are made by theme brands. There are also assorted colorful lamp shade patterns that you can choose. But I would recommend that if you want your lamp to match your theme, just use a regular shade lamp, and change out the shade to match your color theme. The styles of lamp shades come in different colors and in these shapes: barreldrumbellpagodarectangleempire, and square.

7 Best Tall Classroom Lamps 15

I hope this has helped you get ideas for choosing the best tall classroom lamps for your classroom. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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