Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms

Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 1

Are you looking for some tension rod ideas for classrooms? Tension rods can be found in classrooms to hold up curtains, or to hang up items from them with hooks. Teachers like the fact that tension rods allow for installing racks without having to make permanent changes to the room, like drilling holes into the wall. There are regular sized tension rods and mini tension rods. See how each type can be helpful to you in the examples below.

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Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms

These ideas are for using the regular sized tension rods in the classroom. Teachers are using these tension rods for hanging up curtain dividers, stabilizing bookshelves, and hanging up pocket charts. See examples of classroom tension rods being used by teachers, below.

Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 2Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 3

Hang a curtain in a passageway: If you want to hide away a storage area from sight, without putting up a door, use a tension rod to hang up a long curtain in the passageway. These rods are also great for hanging up regular classroom curtains. This is one of the most popular tension rod ideas for classrooms.

Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 4

Hold up a mini curtain on your bulletin board: Sometimes teachers need to temporarily hide out bulletin boards (like during a pop quiz). A short kitchen curtain will work for the size of most bulletin boards. Magnetic hooks can be used to hold up the tension rod over the whiteboard.

Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 5

Hide storage spaces under countertops: As the school term progresses, the contents of your storage areas can get messy. It looks so much neater to have these storage areas covered or hidden with a curtain. Use tension rods to hang short curtains in the open shelf area that is below counter tops.

Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 6Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 7

Hide open storage shelves: Hang up a tension rod within the top of the highest tier if a storage shelf, then hang a curtain from it to hide the view of everything in the shelf.

Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 8

Make bookshelves more stable: Sometimes students can run into furniture, causing bookshelves to shake, and books to fall out. Keeping tension rods on each tier can secure the placement of the books, to prevent them from falling out. These brown tension rods match the wood of the bookshelf.

Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 9

Hang a pocket chart from a tension rod: These pocket charts came with Z hooks which were switch out for S hooks so that they could be hung from a tension rod.

Mini Rod Tension Rod Ideas for the Classroom

The mini tension rods are used on classroom door windows and other narrow spaced areas. Here are examples of how teachers are using the small tension rods in their classrooms.

Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 10

Cover your classroom door’s mini window: Did you know that there are mini tension rods for narrow spaces, perfect for a mini window in a door? Yes, you can have a tiny curtain that you keep on the rod, and whenever you need privacy, just pop it in your classroom door window. See more details in this post about door window curtain installations.

Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 11

Hang fabric mural tapestries between anchored tension rods: The placing of these tension rods is vertical so that the mural can be hoisted up, end to end, from the tension rods which are anchored between the counter top and the overhead cupboards.

Tension Rod Ideas for Classrooms 12

Use mini tension rods in your cube storage shelf: Hang up items like washi tape or scissors in your cube storage shelf by using mini tension rods for narrow spaces.

I hope you found these tension rod ideas for classrooms to be helpful. You may also be interested in these ideas for using magnetic curtain rods in your classroom. Read all about it in this blog post.

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