How to Store Bulletin Board Letters and Cutouts


Discover how to store bulletin board letters and cutouts in your classroom. The first step would be to sort them. Cutouts can be sorted by season, theme or subject. You can have different binders for locking containers for seasonal bulletin board letters and numbers to keep them safely filed away until their season comes back around. For the kind of cutouts that are ‘evergreen’, which means that you’ll be needing them all year long, keeping them in a wall hanging pocket chart will make it easy for you and your students to access them.

Cutout sizes can determine the type of storage you will need. Binders with pockets are great for cutouts or letters of the same size but for assorted cutouts of different sizes, such as in a bulletin board set, can be stored together in a large portfolio with clear pocket storage page sleeves. Large foam letters may require more spacious containers than small plastic ones.

I love to find awesome classroom storage ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas below can show you how to store bulletin board letters and cutouts.

How to Store Bulletin Board Letters and Cutouts in Binders

How to store cutouts in binderZipper Pouches for storing cutouts in a binderhow to store cutouts in mesh pouch in binder

Store cutouts in clear-view zipper fabric pouches in a binder: Fabric zipper pouches with the three-ring binder holes are perfect for storing cutouts of different sizes. They can be sorted by season or topic. See all kinds of pouches that can also be used for storing cutouts in this blog post.

Use grid sheet protectors to store bulletinboard letters and cutouts in a ring binder

Store cutouts in grid sheet protectors in a binderPlain sheet protectors can hold stickers on a sheet but for cutouts, you will need sheet protectors with pockets to keep the cutouts sorted. There are sheet protectors with multiple pocket arrays that you can keep cutouts and bulletin board letters in. These sheet protectors come with two pockets, four pockets, or 9 pockets.

how to store cutouts in binder with clear vinyl poucheshow to store cutouts in binder 4 centers

Store cutouts in clear zipper binder pouches: These three-ring binder pouches zip open easily. It’s easy to see the cutouts in each pouch because they are made of clear vinyl. I like that they come in different zip colors so you can organize by color and quickly find what you need. For smaller sized cutouts, they can fit in A6 binder pouches.

How to Store Bulletin Board Letters and Cutouts in Pocket Charts

how to store cutouts and bulletin board letters in pocket chart
Store bulletin board cutouts in a pocket chart

Use a pocket chart for organizing cutouts: Storing classroom decorations in a pocket chart, makes it easy to see where each cutout is. You can have one pocket chart for letters, and one for seasonal cutouts. This pocket chart has suitable pocket sizes for storing bulletin board letters and cutouts. Pocket chart storage is one of the most popular ideas for how to store bulletin board letters and cutouts. See pocket charts of different sizes in this blog post.

How to Store Bulletin Board Letters and Cutouts On Whiteboards

how to store cutouts in magnetic pocket on whiteboards

Store cutouts in a magnetic pocket: These magnetic pockets can go on any magnetic surface in your classroom including your whiteboard. Each pocket has a large magnetic square on the back.

how to store calendar cards on bulletin board

Keep cards for interactive bulletin boards in dry-erase sleeves: For word wall bulletin boards and calendar bulletin boards, you would need to have the word cards stored close by for easy access. You can keep a dry-erase sleeve right on your bulletin board area for storing the word cards, cutouts, and number cards. If your whiteboard is magnetic, use fridge magnets or magnetic whiteboard pins to keep the sleeve positioned on the whiteboard.

How to Store Bulletin Board Letters and Cutouts in Containers, Bins, and Drawers

Store cutouts in a bin with dividers: This craft bin in the picture above is being used to store sand paper circles but it is also perfect for organizing bulletin board cutouts. Label your storage bins or compartments clearly, so you can quickly identify the contents. Use labels with large, clear letters or print labels using a legible font.

Store letters and cutouts in plastic containers with lids: Sort the bulletin board letters by letter type (e.g., A, B, C) or by color, and place them in separate containers. Label the containers with the corresponding letters or colors for quick identification. This is one of the easiest ideas for how to store bulletin board letters and cutouts.

Store cutouts or letters in a drawer: If you have a dedicated space for your bulletin board supplies, consider using drawers or storage bins. Use dividers or smaller containers within the drawers or bins to separate the letters or cutouts by type or color.

I hope this has helped you get ideas for how to store bulletin board letters and cutouts in your classroom. You may also be interested in ideas for storing bulletin board papers and border trims. Read all about it in this blog post.