Classroom Wall Decals

Classroom Wall Decals

Classroom wall decals can make a classroom environment more engaging, visually appealing, and conducive to learning. They are colorful, easy to apply, and can add an element of fun and inspiration to the space. Classroom wall decals come in various designs and themes, catering to different age groups and subjects. Aside from decorating classroom walls, teachers use wall decals to make bulletin boards. See beautiful bulletin boards made with wall decals in this blog post.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas below are about different types of wall decals for classrooms and how you can display them.

inspirational classroom WALL DECALS

Inspirational quotes can encourage and motivate students. Choose quotes that promote positivity, resilience, and a growth mindset.

wall decal you can messageWall Decal for Classroom Doors

Inspirational Decals: These can be quotes or positive messages that start with ‘You Can…‘ or ‘You Are…‘.

wall decal the future of this world is in this classroomThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is walls-large-wall-decal.png

Positive Message decals: This wall decal reads ‘The Future of the World is in This Room’.

wall decal for classroom door albert einstein quote

Famous Quote decals: This Albert Einstein decal quote can go on classroom walls or doors.

wall decal motivational set goals

Decals for Classroom Rules and Expectations: Display important classroom rules and expectations in a visually appealing way using decals to ensure they are always visible to the students.

Classroom Wall Decals 1

Subject-Specific classroom WALL DECALS

For subject-specific classrooms, consider decals related to the subject being taught. For example, historical events for history classes, scientific diagrams for science classes, or mathematical formulas for math classes. Look for decals that display educational content like alphabets, numbers, shapes, maps, and periodic tables. These visuals can help reinforce learning and serve as handy references for students.

math wall decal above whiteboard

Math Decals: In math classrooms, consider decals featuring a math-positive message, mathematical equations, formulas, or geometric shapes to help students visualize and remember key concepts.

Classroom library wall decal

Reading corner decals: Create a cozy reading corner with decals that depict favorite book characters or scenes, encouraging students to engage with books and reading. Graphics that depict stories or scenes from literature can be engaging and encourage students to explore the world of stories.

Wall decal for science lab

Science decals: Use decals with images of planets, animals, plants, or scientific diagrams to complement science lessons and spark curiosity about the natural world. An example of science decals is a learn, discover, explore, science lab wall decal.

Social Studies decals: Display world maps, country maps, or maps of your own region to aid in geography lessons. They can also serve as excellent conversation starters. For history classrooms, consider wall decals that showcase important historical timelines, events, or figures, making history come to life for students.

Llama classroom door design DIY llama wall decal Como te Llamas

Foreign Language: For language classrooms, use decals with vocabulary words, verb conjugations, or expressions to immerse students in the target language.

reading wall decal Reading will take you everywhere

Reading wall decals: This small reading decal set reads ‘Reading Will Take You Everywhere’.

Classroom Wall Decals 1

theme based classroom wall decals

Tree wall decals can create a forest atmosphere to transform your classroom to match a woodland theme

Nature and Wildlife themes: Nature-themed decals can create a calming atmosphere and also provide opportunities for discussions about the environment and biodiversity.

Butterfly woodland classroom bulletin board set

Season and Holiday themed decals: Consider seasonal decals that change throughout the year to reflect different seasons or holiday-themed decals for festive periods.

Classroom Wall Decals 1

other types of classroom wall decals

Growth Chart Decals: If you’re working with younger children, growth chart wall decals that allow them to track their height over time can be a fun and interactive addition to the classroom.

Diversity wall decal for classrooms

Diversity wall decals: Celebrate cultural diversity with decals that showcase various traditions, cultures, and people from different parts of the world.

Classroom Wall Decals 1

where can you put decals in a classroom

Aside from classroom walls, decals can be installed on classroom windows, whiteboards, bulletin boards, and classroom doors. See how teachers are using wall decals to make bulletin boards, in this blog post.

Tips for using a classroom wall decal:

  • Don’t apply on fresh paint (if you want it on a wall).
  • Don’t apply a poly finish on top of it.

Remember, when choosing wall decals for classrooms, consider the age group of the students and the subject matter being taught. Before purchasing and applying wall decals, consider seeking input from your fellow educators and school administrators to ensure the designs align with the school’s vision and educational goals. Additionally, ensure that the decals are easily removable, so they can be changed or updated as needed without damaging the walls.

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