How to Decorate a Windowless Classroom

How to decorate windowless classrooms

Some classrooms can be completely devoid of windows or even ventilation blocks. Windowless classrooms are typically bound by other classrooms and are usually situated far from the outer walls of a school building. The solution for teachers in these classrooms is to find ways make the room feel more open and ventilated. If these measures are not taken, the room can feel very uncomfortable for the teacher and students, causing the room to feel more like a prison. Personally, I would feel a bit claustrophobic in a classroom with just four walls and no windows.

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benefits of a windowless classroom

Benefits of a windowless classroom

If you have to teach in a windowless classroom, do not despair. This situation is not so bad, since there are benefits to not having any windows in your classroom. The primary benefit is that there would be less distractions because of better soundproofing and less outside activity to distract students. The secondary benefit is having more wall space; wall space is great for storing classroom supplies and displaying posters and bulletin boards.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are examples of how to make a windowless classroom more comfortable for students.

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How to Make a Windowless Classroom More Comfortable

How to make a windowless classroom more comfortable

Thankfully, a windowless classroom can be improved by adding wall tapestries and decals, with outdoor nature themes, to copy the effect that a window brings. This can make you feel connected to the outside. Adequate light and air filtration is necessary for keeping the classroom bright and fresh. Also, adding wall mirrors can create the illusion of more space and reflect more light in the room. This post describes shatter-proof mirror panels that are perfect for classrooms. Once the classroom is decorated to simulate natural light and to showcase outdoor scenes, it will be easy to forget that there aren’t any windows on the walls.

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How to Decorate a Windowless Classroom

Teachers are finding ways to bring life to their windowless classrooms. You can easily create the illusion of nature being just beyond your classroom wall with the ideas below.

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Faux window wall stickers: These faux windows can brighten up a classroom. They are easy to stick on walls, and easy to remove. I recommend that you stick them up under a wall light or ceiling light so that the picture can reflect some of the light. This makes them more realistic. They come in a wide range of outdoor pictures.

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A Nature themed tapestry photo backdrop: A nature backdrop, like this one, can dress up an empty classroom wall. As long as it has greenery on it, it will have the feel of a window to the outdoors.

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Make a classroom greenery wall: A greenery wall looks like a hedge, and it can make it feel like you are bringing some of the nature in the outdoors into your classroom. It’s easy to have the size you want by using greenery wall squares. A light-up sign with a positive message can be hung on it. This teacher got a personalized LED neon sign with the words ‘You’re so golden’. See more greenery wall classroom ideas in this blog post.

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Make a Classroom Tree: If you teach younger students, a narrow tree can be made with a brown paper roll and faux vines. See how to make classroom trees in this blog post that I created for teachers.

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Use ceiling light covers: Add realistic nature themed covers on your ceiling lights to add natural character to your classroom. They are easy to install. Just open the light cover, lay the cover and tuck in the edges, then close the cover.

windowless classroom sting lights on wall

Drape a curtain of string lights on the wall: Part of a wall can be decorated with string lights to brighten up the area. See all kids of string lights for classrooms in this post.

Have potted plants in the classroom: These can be real plants or fake plants. Just make sure that the real plants are non-toxic and non-poisonous.

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Seasonal Faux Window Backdrops for a Windowless Classroom

Always choose a faux window backdrop that has a detailed image that is not blurry and does not include text on it. This will make it look more realistic. Be sure to get out the creases first. I like that you can keep one for each season. See examples below.

windowless faux window bacdrop for winter classroom

Winter Faux Window Backdrop: This winter themed backdrop is the image of a snowy scene through the panels of a window. It even has draped curtains in the picture.

seasonal windowless faux window bacdrop for fall classroom

Fall Faux Window Backdrop: I found this fall forest faux window backdrop and a similar fall themed photography window backdrop that are perfect from classroom walls.

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How to light up a windowless classroom

the benefits of light in a windowless classroom

Natural light is the best light for any room because it has been found to brighten moods. Of course, there is no way to get natural light in a windowless classroom, but artificial light can help. There are special light therapy lamps that can be turned on for a certain period for therapeutic benefits. The combination of ceiling lights, regular lamps, and light therapy lamps should be sufficient to cover all the lighting needs of a classroom that does not have natural light. I wrote a blog post about different types of floor lamps that are used in classrooms, you can check it out here.

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how to aerate a classroom without windows

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Use a cooling fan: If you do not have an air conditioner in your classroom, a classroom fan is an affordable way to have air circulating in your classroom. This tower fan has a remote control with different air blowing settings. It is good for a classroom because it does not pose a hazard for students, and it takes up very little space. It is also very quiet.

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Have an air purifier: Some teachers (I’m one of them) cannot stand the smell of air fresheners. They can trigger migraines and nausea for me. An under-ventilated room can get so stuffy, that air refresheners won’t help anymore. When it gets to that point, you’ll need an air purifier. An air purifier for your classroom is an expensive investment, but it will be worth every cent. An air purifier for a large classroom would cost more and be larger in size. This purifier is more affordable and suitable for a small classroom.

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If you have a windowless classroom and you have tried something different that works for you, please share it in the comments. I would love to hear about it!

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