Discover How to Hang Classroom Door Window Curtains – 5 Ways

How to Hang Classroom Door Window Curtains

Are you in need of ideas for how to hang classroom door window curtains? When it comes to hanging safety curtains for classroom door windows, it’s essential to prioritize safety and functionality. Safety curtains can help maintain privacy while still allowing visibility and accessibility when needed. Every classroom door that has a view window, can have a small curtain hanging on the inside-facing side of the door. Teachers would need a curtain that is easy to install, especially for school lockdowns. It should be easily rolled it up when it’s not being used and be quickly unrolled if needed for a lockdown, when time is of the essence. 

I love to find practical classroom tips. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas will show you how to hang classroom door window curtains in your classroom.

How to Hang Classroom Door Window Curtains

Classroom door window curtains may come with or without rods for installing them. If your curtain does not come with a rod, look on the back for an adhesive strip. If it does not have any adhesives, then you can install it using adhesive Velcro strips.

How to Hang Classroom Door Window Curtains With Rods

Classroom door curtain self adhesive white

Here is a general step-by-step guide for how to hang classroom door window curtains using rods. A heavy door curtain can be held up with a short curtain door rod and bracket set. These steps apply to curtains that slide onto rods. 

  1. Measure the window: Start by measuring the dimensions of the classroom door window. Measure both the height and width accurately so that you can choose the right-sized curtain.
  2. Choose the appropriate curtain material: Use fire-resistant and durable materials that meet safety standards. Some schools may have specific regulations regarding curtain materials, so check with your school administration or fire safety guidelines.
  3. Get the necessary tools and hardware: You’ll need curtain rods, brackets, screws, anchors, and a level to ensure proper installation. Depending on the curtain’s weight and the type of door/window frame, you may need different types of hardware.
  4. Install the curtain rod brackets: Place the curtain rod brackets above and below the window frame on the door. Use a level to ensure the brackets are aligned correctly. Mark the screw hole positions with a pencil.
  5. Drill pilot holes: Use an appropriate drill bit size to create pilot holes for the screws. This step is crucial, as it helps prevent the wood from splitting when inserting the screws.
  6. Attach the brackets: Securely attach the brackets to the door frame using screws and anchors. Make sure the brackets are firmly in place to support the curtain rod’s weight.
  7. Hang the safety curtain: Slide the curtain onto the curtain rod and then place the rod into the brackets. Double-check that the curtain is hanging evenly and adjust if necessary.
  8. Test the curtain: Open and close the safety curtain several times to ensure it moves smoothly and doesn’t get caught on anything. If the curtain is too long, you may need to hem it to the appropriate length.
  9. Safety check: Once the safety curtain is installed, ensure that it doesn’t impede the door’s functionality, such as opening and closing freely. Also, check that it doesn’t block any important safety equipment or exit signs.
  10. Educate students and staff: Inform students and staff about the purpose of the safety curtains and how to use them correctly. Emphasize the importance of keeping the curtains in good condition and not tampering with them.

How to Hang Classroom Door Window Curtains Without Rods and brackets

There are different methods of installing door window curtains without rods. Some door windows are so narrow, that a rod would be unnecessary. There are curtains which come with an adhesive strip on the back (like a sink skirt). For plain curtains, teachers may purchase adhesive Velcro strips for sticking the curtain to the door. Below are some examples of how to hang classroom door window curtains without the use of rods.

Classroom door curtain with command hooks

Hang classroom door curtain with 3M stick-on Hooks: This striped mini curtain is hung with 3M stick-on hooks. No rod is needed. They have a dowel in the bottom that weighs them down. They can be rolled up to any height and tied with ribbons. If you have an emergency, just untie them, and the window is totally covered. This is one of the most popular ideas for how to hang classroom door window curtains.

classroom door curtain vinyl self adhesive

Hang self-adhesive classroom door curtains: This vinyl curtain has strong adhesive tabs on the bags so that no tools are needed to keep it on the door. This is one of the easiest no-prep ideas for how to hang classroom door window curtains.

Use over-the-door hooks: You can hang over-the-door hooks over your classroom door and hang a small tension rod through the hooks for the mini curtain. See small tension rod examples in this blog post.

door curtain self adhesive opendoor curtain self adhesive closed

Buy Velcro for attaching curtains to doors: These curtains do not come with any means of attaching them to the door. Velcro strips work great for this.

Types of Classroom Door Window Curtains

classroom door curtain black out window closedclassroom door curtain black out window open

Black out curtains: This door window curtain is thick and black making it block out light from coming through the glass panel, into the classroom. It is a bit short for this door but the border trim on the inside of the glass blocks out the rest of the light.

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I hope this has helped you get ideas for how to hang classroom door window curtains. Just be sure to follow any school or local regulations regarding safety equipment, installation, and fire safety. If you’re unsure about the installation process or the appropriate materials to use, consider consulting a professional or contacting the school’s facilities department for guidance.

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