How to Use Spot Markers for Classroom Floors

How to use spot markers for classroom floors

Spot markers can be a great tool for organizing classroom activities and keeping students engaged during lessons. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Select spot markers that are large enough for students to stand or sit on comfortably. Bright and distinct colors work best, as they make it easier for students to identify their spots quickly. 

When it comes to seating students on the floor, I prefer to use spot markers on the carpet rather than for students to sit on a seating rug because, with the spot markers, you can put them around the classroom and whereas the carpet limits your seating arrangements. Always use Velcro spot markers because adhesive ones can peel off and leave a glue residue on your carpet or rug.

Ideas for using spot markers on classroom foors

Using spot markers for classroom floors carpet

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are ideas for using spot markers effectively on classroom floors.

How to Use Spot Markers for Classroom Floors 1

Keep tables and desks in place: Instead of struggling to reposition desks and tables after every period, keep the places set with spot markers so that students can easily see where they are supposed to be placed.

floor spot markers as seating spots on carpet

Create Assigned Spots: Assign a spot to each student in the classroom. Depending on your teaching style and activity requirements, you can have students sit or stand on their designated spots. Use name tags or labels on each spot if necessary.

floor spot markers to extend seating beyong carpet

Extend seating beyond the seating carpet: If your seating carpet is not large enough for seating all your students, lay out sit spots behind the carpet with in a similar spacing array for the other students to sit.

How to Use Spot Markers for Classroom Floors 2How to Use Spot Markers for Classroom Floors 3
Use spot markers for lining up students quickly

Use Spot Markers for Line Formation: When lining up for various activities like leaving the classroom or going to the playground, spot markers can help maintain an orderly line. Add calendar numbers to each spot marker so students can line up quickly. Each student can stand on their designated spot, making it easier for the teacher to account for all students.

Floor spot markers grouping student in color groups

Use spot markers to group students: For group projects or activities that require students to work together, here’s how you can use spot markers for students to split into groups… Lay out a grid of equally mixed color spots on the floor as a seating arrangement. When students sit on a color spot for a lesson, they can move to the same color table to easily coordinate groups. See more color-coding classroom tips in this blog post.

floor spot markers for fraction numberline

Games and Learning Activities: Spot markers can be used for various educational games and activities. For example, this teacher used her markers along with color coded tape, to make a fraction number line on the floor.

floor spot markers for games

Movement and Exercise: Spot markers can be used for physical education activities or brain breaks. Create a pattern with the markers on the carpet, and students can hop, skip, or perform different exercises while moving from one spot to another.

How to Use Spot Markers for Classroom Floors 4

Social Distancing Measures: In situations where social distancing is necessary, spot markers can be helpful in ensuring that students maintain the appropriate distance from each other. It acts as a visual cue for students to understand the safe distance to maintain.

types of Spot markers for classroom carpets

Spot markers for classroom floor carpets

Velcro spot markers for carpets usually come in circle shapes but there are flower shapes, star shapes and heart shaped ones. I love the ones that come with numbers on them which makes it easy to assign each spot to a student. There are also spot markers with positive affirmations on them, see them here.

adhesive Spot markers for linoleum floors

Spot markers for linoleum floors classroom

If you have a hard, non-porous classroom floor, you will need adhesive floor spots. They look and feel like stickers, but the good quality ones are thick, waterproof, and have a glossy finish. They come in large and small sizes, and different shapes, with numbers, and without numbers.

how to apply adhesive floor spots

Before you apply the sticky floor spot stickers to your floor, the floor must be mopped clean to be rid of all dust particles. Dust particles can cause air pockets to form, and they also weaken the sticky sides of the spot stickers. After this, you can lay the spot down with the diameter touching the floor first, then slower let the two sides fall gently while still keeping a little tension. Use a squeegee tool to flatten out any air pockets going from the middle towards the outer edges.

How to remove Floor Spot residues from floors

For many teachers, when they peel the adhesive floor spots from the linoleum floors, some sticky residue or lower layer of the spots remain on the floor. It is almost impossible to scrape off. Teachers can first soak the spots for a white to soften the stickers, then use a scraper on them. If any glue is left, use a magic eraser or some Goo Gone to clean it off.

Other uses for adhesive floor spots

What do you do if your floor spot stickers are not sticking well to your floors? Get a better quality one but do not discard the first set. You can repurpose the first set stickers with one of the ideas below.

floor spot markers for student desks

Make dry-erase circles for student desks: The large floor spot stickers can be used as dry-erase sticker mats for student desks.

floor spot markers on the wall for decorations

Decorate walls: I have also seen colorful assortments of floor spots being applied to classroom walls like wall decal decorations.

Floor spot markers to number student chairdesks

Add numbers to chairs and desks: Teachers can number student desks and chairs for structured seating with floor spot stickers.

Number community supplies: You can stick number stickers to pocket chart pockets for numbering calculator or phone storage pockets.

If you are using the spot markers on your classroom floor, remember to explain the purpose of the spot markers to your students, so they understand the expectations and benefits of using them. Using spot markers effectively can create a more organized and engaging learning environment in the classroom.

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