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Classroom clocks wall clocks and analog clocks

Classroom clocks are a necessity for the classroom. They serve the purpose of keeping track of time and helping both teachers and students manage their schedules effectively. Classroom wall clocks can be either analog or digital. Analog clocks can help students practice reading traditional clock faces, while digital classroom clocks provide an instant and precise time reading. In a quiet classroom environment, it’s important that the clock operates silently to avoid any disruptions to the teaching and learning process.

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Tips for Classroom Clocks – Wall Clocks and Standing Clocks

Classroom wall clock analog

Visibility: Classroom wall clocks should be easily visible from all parts of the room. They are usually placed in a prominent location, such as above the blackboard or whiteboard, to ensure that everyone can see the time without any difficulty. Desk clocks can be kept on a shelf, the teacher’s desk, or countertop. You can also place one above your classroom schedule chart. See examples of classroom schedule wall clock displays in this blog post.

Clock for classroom for wall and teaching

Size and Design: The size of the classroom clock is important. It should be large enough for students sitting at the back of the classroom to be able to read the time. The design might vary based on the overall aesthetic of the classroom, but it’s generally preferred to have a clear and easy-to-read clock face.

Classroom clocks digital and analog synchronized

Synchronizing analog and digital classroom clocks: I like to have both an analog and a digital clock in the classroom. I would make sure that they are perfectly synchronized for students to see how they both tell the same time in different ways. On a school level, some schools might choose to synchronize classroom wall clocks to ensure that they display the same time. This can be important for maintaining consistency across different classrooms and helping students transition between classes smoothly.

Classroom clock

Accessibility: It’s important to consider the needs of all students, including those with visual impairments. For this reason, some classroom clocks may include features like larger numerals or tactile elements to aid in time reading.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that the clock remains accurate and functional. This includes changing batteries if applicable, adjusting the time for daylight saving changes, and keeping the clock clean.

Types of Classroom Wall Clocks

Clocks types of classroom clocks
Analog and digital classroom clock

Analog Clocks with a Digital display: With a dual clock, you have to set both times to match each other so that your students could see the analog time and the digital time together.

Classroom clock digital for classrooom wallDigital wall clock for classroom

Digital Classroom Clocks: It is important to have a digital clock with a large and bright number display. The ones with a dark background, that have a red display, cannot be read as easily because red does not show up clearly against black. The bright green numbers in this digital clock contrasts with the black, and students can read the time from across the room.

Classroom clock with labeled hands

Analog Learn to Tell Time Wall Clocks: Clocks like these are full of guides to help students to read the clock using words to say how minutes past, or to, the hour. They have text on the clock faces and some also have text on the clock hands to help students to read the time. Students can study the features of the clock to make their own clocks as a math craft activity.

Why have classroom Clocks?

digital classroom clock for bathroom sign out station

Clocks are necessary in the classroom for these reasons:

  • For keeping track of the time when managing scheduling and transitions, and using student schedule timetable sheets.
  • For teaching students how to tell the time and for students to practice reading the time off the clock
  • For any sign in/out station it is necessary to keep a clock there for students to log in their times e.g., a bathroom sign out station, or a laptop sign out station.
  • It helps students to have a sense of how long a minute, half hour, or hour is. This sense of time duration is something that develops through daily reference to the time. This is an important life skill that will help students to plan and manage their time.

Theme Based Classroom Clocks

classroom clock rainbow theme

Rainbow themed classroom clock: The large numbers on this classroom clock are done is rainbow colors, this can match other rainbow themed elements in your classroom. This classroom has a ‘Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud’ poster next to the clock area. Click on the picture to see a large detailed view of the clock (on Amazon) because it has each minute listed as numerals around the clock.

Mickey Mouse Classroom Door with a matching Mickey Clock above it

Mickey themed classroom clock: This Mickey Mouse themed classroo clock has large 3D numbers on it. It’s hard to tell from the picture but you can see it better on its Amazon page.

Overall, classroom wall clocks play a crucial role in classroom time management. They can help you stay organized and ensure that lessons and activities are conducted efficiently.

Your students can benefit from having the time constantly displayed, weather it is in digital or analog form. Students need to reference the time when using their personal class timetables. You can also check out editable classroom timetable sheets for your students in this blog post.

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