How to Decorate Classroom Lockers

Decorations for classroom lockers

Classroom lockers are commonly found in many classrooms. If your classroom is large enough to have individual lockers for your students, there are ways you can make them blend in with your classroom theme. Classroom lockers can be covered with wallpaper or decorated with posters and themed decorations to brighten the area. Other things you can add are string lights, magnetic letters for labels, and fridge magnets. I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas below are based on Amazon finds that are great for decorating classroom lockers.

Decorative Ideas for Classroom Lockers

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  • Locker mats and wallpaper: Soft fluffy mats provide a homey contrast to the hard metal surface of a locker. This locker has a square locker fur rug and a blue chevron locker wallpaper.
How to Decorate Classroom Lockers 5
  • Put a different positive message on each locker: A growth mindset bulletin board was used to decorate these classroom lockers. Each locker has a flowerpot with an encouraging message on it. Magnets can be used to stick the cutouts to the lockers.
How to Decorate Classroom Lockers 7
  • Decorative Picture magnets for classroom lockers: These magnets have pictures and are strong enough to stay on the locker and hold up light items. The types of decorative magnets that are used to hold items on magnetic classroom whiteboards can be used on locker doors for the same purpose or to hold up student name labels.
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  • Mini chandelier lights for lockers: These lights are the heights of fashion for lockers. Lol!

Organization Ideas for Classroom Lockers

Classroom locker organization for more storage

Teachers can use locker organizers, magnetic bins, book organizers, and locker stands to make shelving and space for students to most of the supplies in their lockers. See examples of how you can organize more storage in your classroom lockers below.

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  • Use a hanging locker organizer for storage: This hanging locker organizer is long for tall classroom lockers. It provides three shelves and there are actually extra pockets on the sides for holding pencils, pens, a calculator, etc. See pictures of the side view on Amazon to see all the pockets for storage (it’s a lot more than you can see in this picture example).
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  • Use magnetic pencil holders: A strong magnetic holder for pens and pencils is really handy for classroom lockers. Many of these usually have circle magnets fastened on the backs for them to stick to the locker. The black mesh types are popular.
How to Decorate Classroom Lockers 17
  • Locker Stands: This locker stand is actually part of a locker kit that comes with a mirror, an organizer, and magnets for wide lockers. See more locker stand options at the bottom of this blog post.
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  • Book organizers: Keep books stored neatly in a library shelf organizer that has partitions to keeps the books stacked upright.
classroom lockers for displaying student work in dry erase sleeves
  • Store and display your students work on their lockers: Use dry erase sleeves to display students’ completed assignments or art work.

stands for classroom Lockers

stands for classroom lockers

There are different types of locker stands for the standard sized lockers as well as the very narrow classroom lockers.

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  • Stands for slim and tall middle school lockers: Click on any of the stands above to see the sizing details about them.
How to Decorate Classroom Lockers 29
How to Decorate Classroom Lockers 31
  • Locker stand with drawer: With this locker stand, it has a drawer at the base and you can choose how high you want the top shelf to be, before attaching the legs to the base.

Classroom lockers are one of the many types of storage supplies for individual storage for each student. You may also be interested in more ideas for individual storage ideas for the classroom. Read all about them in this blog post.

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