The Best Teacher Lanyards

The best teacher lanyards

Teacher lanyards are used to carry keys, badges, doorbells, whistles, and sometimes a walkie-talkie on it. They come in a variety of designs, materials, and colors, allowing teachers to choose options that fit their style and the school’s branding. Some schools might even customize lanyards with the school’s logo, colors, or motto. Overall, teacher lanyards are a practical and functional accessory that helps educators carry out their responsibilities efficiently while maintaining a professional appearance. Lanyards also make great gift ideas for teachers.

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Types of straps for Teacher Lanyards

The best type of teacher lanyard straps

Teacher lanyard neck cords can be made of wide straps, thin cords, or beaded necklaces. When it comes to comfort, the wide strapped laryards are best for preventing neck pain.

beaded chain teacher lanyardteacher lanyard beaded chain groovy
  • Beaded necklace teacher lanyards: These beaded lanyards are very feminine and they dress up your look. Multicolored beads (that aren’t too loud) can go with anything. Monochrome beaded straps are also an option that can match your classroom theme.
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  • Thin cord teacher lanyards: The pendant beading on this teacher lanyard are a modern, yet classy look. The muted colors are a perfect fit for a boho themed classroom. This style does come in more colorful bead colors, click here to see them all.
wide strap teacher lanyard cow print themed
  • Wide strap lanyards: These are great for teachers carrying a lot of items which can make the lanyard heavy. The thick cord distributes the weight more evenly so that it does not hurt the neck as a thin cord would. Wide strap lanyards are also great for matching up with your classroom theme as the straps usually come in a themed pattern. I like this cow print strap and it comes in many other patterns that you can check out here.

What Can You Hook onto Teacher Lanyards?

What you can hook onto your teacher lanyards

Lanyards have a clip or hook at the end for attaching classroom management tools like whistles, wireless doorbells, clickers, timers, or other small tools.

teacher lanyard with whistleteacher lanyard with keys

Personal items like ID badges and keys can be added. Decorative accents such as lanyard pins, charms, pendants, and and functional items like keychain watches and badge reels can all be usually found on a teacher lanyard.

Types of Pendants for Teacher Lanyards

There are various types of pendants or badge reels that can be used with teacher lanyards to add a personalized touch or showcase specific interests. Here are some ideas:

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Subject-related Pendant: Teachers can display their subject of expertise through pendants related to their field. For example, a math teacher might have a pendant shaped like a calculator, while a science teacher might opt for a beaker or microscope pendant. This can also be done with customized pendants, like the ones in the picture above, to have the subject area printed on the pendant.

Charm Pendants to reflect a teacher’s personality: Different charms can represent the positive traits that a teacher has. An apple pendant is a classic symbol associated with teaching and education. It is a timeless choice for teacher lanyards. A book pendant represents knowledge and learning. A calculator pendant is great for math teachers. A star or galaxy-themed pendant can symbolize the potential for growth and the vastness of knowledge. You can also choose an animal charm that resonates with the teacher’s teaching style or personality, such as an owl for wisdom or a dolphin for communication.

motivational teacher lanyard

Motivational Quote Pendant: A small pendant with an inspirational quote or a motivating word can serve as a daily reminder for both teachers and students.

Milestone Pendant: Commemorate a significant achievement or milestone in the teacher’s career with a pendant symbolizing that accomplishment.

Hobby-related Pendant: If the teacher has a particular hobby or interest outside of teaching, they can showcase it through a hobby-related pendant.

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Customized Pendant: Teachers can have custom pendants made with their name, initials, a special date, or a meaningful message. A simple and elegant pendant featuring the teacher’s name can add a personal touch to their lanyard.

Inspirational Symbol Pendant: Choose a symbol that represents qualities like wisdom, patience, or resilience to reflect the qualities of a great teacher.

Charity or Cause Pendant: Teachers who are passionate about a certain cause can wear a pendant that represents that cause, sparking conversations and awareness.

Birthstone Pendant: Incorporating the teacher’s birthstone into a pendant design can make the lanyard more personal.

Badge reels for Teacher Lanyards

lanyard motivational badge reels for teachers

Message Badge Reels: Teachers can wear a simple message or quote on their badge reel that is good for the students to see. This message can be to remind them of a rule, to motivate them, or to calm them. I like this ‘Be Kind’ badge reel.

Seasonal Themed Badge Reels: Depending on the season or a specific theme, teachers can switch out pendants accordingly. For example, a snowflake pendant in winter or a flower pendant in spring. I found two types of seasonal retractable badge reels; one with a gnome for every season, and the other with a rainbow for every season.

Pins for Teacher Lanyards

teacher lanyard pin rainbowteacher lanyard pins
  • ‘You are safe with me’ teacher lanyard pin: It is important for all of our marginalized students to feel safe. This pin speaks especially to LBGTQ students and staff. It is important to show support as a diversity ally.

Five Reasons Why Teachers Wear Lanyards

Identification: Teachers often wear lanyards with ID badges that display their name, photograph, and possibly their role or title within the school. This helps students, staff, and visitors easily recognize teachers and establish a sense of authority.

Access: Many schools use electronic key cards or badges for access to certain areas. Lanyards provide a convenient way for teachers to carry and display these access credentials.

Convenience: Teachers have various items they need to keep on hand, such as classroom keys, USB drives, or small tools. Lanyards offer a simple way to keep these items readily available.

Safety: In emergency situations, quick identification of staff members is crucial. Lanyards can help emergency responders easily identify teachers and other school personnel.

Professionalism: Wearing a lanyard with identification can add a professional touch to a teacher’s appearance and contribute to a sense of unity within the school community.

Remember, your choice of a lanyard pendant, badge reel, or pin depends on your preferences, interests, and the message you want to convey through your lanyard. Whether it’s a fun accessory or a meaningful symbol, it can enhance the overall look of your lanyard while reflecting your individuality.

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