21 Wall Space Ideas for Under Bulletin Boards

under bulletin board wall space ideas

Are you looking for wall space ideas for under bulletin boards? Maximizing the wall space under bulletin boards can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Teachers can use this wall space for hanging up clipboards, classroom posters, mini bulletin boards, pocket charts, bookshelves, and charging stations. The wall space organization ideas below are sorted by general ideas, storage ideas, and display ideas for under your bulletin board areas. I love to find awesome classroom organisation ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas below are wall space ideas for under bulletin boards.

General Wall Space Ideas for Under Bulletin Boards

under bulletin board student work area for flexible seating

Make a student work area for flexible seating: Add a long narrow ledge like a long table area up against the wall space as a flexible seating option with stool chairs. Bulletin boards and other wall decorations in this area can go higher up on the wall for the table to fit.

Clipboard storage in fan shaped wall hanging organizers

Clipboards: Mount a row of clipboards under the bulletin board. This allows you to easily switch out papers and documents without needing to pin or tape them. You can also keep a clipboard stand under the bulletin board area for storing clipboards.

Mini Plant Shelf: Install a small shelf under the bulletin board to hold a potted plant or a few succulents. This brings a touch of nature into your classroom wall.

DIY magnetic whiteboard on classroom wall

Chalkboard or Whiteboard Panels: Attach chalkboard or whiteboard panels underneath the bulletin board. This provides extra writing space for quick notes, doodles, or brainstorming.

under bulletin charging station

Charging Station: Charge laptops or other devices in a station under your bulletin board area. Many countertop racks can be used for this like wooden racks or metal racks for dishes. You can also add adhesive cable clips or hooks to keep charging cables organized and devices within reach. See all the items you will need in this blog post about chrome book charging stations.

Mini Bulletin Board Sections: Create small sections of corkboard or fabric that are separate from the main bulletin board. These can be designated for specific categories, like to-do lists, upcoming events, or inspirational quotes.

Storage Wall Space Ideas for Under Bulletin Boards

under bulletin board what can you store on the wall space

What can you store under your bulletin boards? Teachers use cubby shelves, floating shelves, mini bookshelves, and small tables to hold books, book bins, and handouts. Wall hooks are used to hang pocket charts, storage bags, and dry erase sleeves.

under bulletin board storage of bags for reading books and manipulatives 2

Hang storage bags horizontally under the bulletin board area: These storage bags are kept in an area that is low and reachable for young students to access their classroom manipulatives current reading books.

Hooks and Pegs: Install hooks or pegs to hang lightweight items like keys, lanyards, small bags, or hats. This keeps frequently used items within easy reach.

Low level library shelves that will leave some wall space above it for your bulletin boardsunder bulletin board cubby shelvesunder bulletin board cubby shelves 2

Cubby Shelves: Short and wide cubby shelf units are great for storing students’ backpacks or classroom library books. The tops of the cubby shelves are suitable places to keep book bins. Choose small items for this area so that they do not block the bulletin boards. 

under bulletin board seat storage

Bench seats: Similar to cubby shelves, bench seats are functional for storage and for seating as a reading lounge.

Floating Shelves or small tables: Add floating shelves, a table, or a bench, underneath the bulletin board. Use them to display small plants, featured books, decorative items, or even small storage bins for pens, paperclips, and other supplies.

Pockets and Pouches for storage: Hang a pocket chart under your bulletin board area to hold interactive bulletin board pieces. Dry-erase sleeves work well for this kind of storage as well.

posters storage pocket charts for storing posters

Store Posters under your bulletin board area: Hang a poster pocket chart right under your bulletin board, for keeping posters that have to be changed out on the bulletin board nearby.

Bulletin Board Extensions: If space allows, extend the bulletin board’s frame to create a shelf-like surface underneath. This can be used for displaying larger items or as a temporary resting place for papers.

Mini Bookshelf: If you have enough space, consider installing a small bookshelf underneath the bulletin board. This can hold reference books, notebooks, or decorative items.

under bulletin board wall cubby hanging backpacks

Hang school bags under bulletin board area: Use a wall hanging wooden coat locker unit for hanging backpack from hooks under the unit, and for storing backpacks within the cubbies. 

Wall Pockets or Organizers: Attach wall pockets or organizers to hold office supplies, mail, or other small items you want to keep easily accessible.

storage areas for each student's belongings

Classroom lockers for under bulletin board area: The half-sized lockers are great for having ample classroom storage for student’s belongings. With the bulletin boards above and the lockers below, this classroom wall space is fully maximized for use. See more about the classroom lockers in this post for having a no-share classroom.

Mailbox for student mail distribution

Mailboxes: Classroom mailboxes are the right height for holding handouts and papers under the bulletin board area.

Display Wall Space Ideas for Under Bulletin Boards

under bulletin board display ideas

You can use the space under your bulletin boards to display wall decals, student work on clipboards, student artwork, or to display classroom posters.

under bulletin board classroom posters on wall growth mindset

Display Posters: Spread out classroom posters in a horizontal array below a large bulletin board.

felt bulletin board strip for diplaying work

Display student artwork: Create a mini gallery wall along the bottom of your bulletin board. Use adhesive felt strips on your wall to hold students’ artwork. This adds a personal touch to the space.

Gandi quote wall decal for classroom wall

Display a wall decal: A simple wall decal can make the wall space below your bulletin board more interesting. See more examples of classroom wall decals here.

Mountable Panels for Classroom Wall Space Under Bulletin Boards

felt bulletin board strip for diplaying work 2

Cork Strips or Felt Panels: Utilize the space by adding cork strips or felt panels underneath the bulletin board. This provides extra space to pin important notes, reminders, or even artwork.

under bulletin board magnetic bulletin board strip

Magnetic Strips or Boards: Use magnetic strips or a magnetic board under the bulletin board to attach metal items like paperclips, scissors, and other magnetic office supplies.

Wooden strips for hanging coats or backpacks: If you are allowed to drill holes into your classroom wall, you can drill a wooden strip and add coat hooks to the strip for students to hang up their backpacks, aprons, or coats. Or instead, you can use a wooden coat rack strip with the pegs on it. Whether you’re aiming for functionality, aesthetics, or a combination of both, the wall space under your bulletin board can be transformed into a useful and visually appealing area.

Was this blog post helpful for giving you wall space ideas for under bulletin boards? Remember to consider your needs and preferences when choosing which ideas to implement for making the most of the empty wall space around or below your classroom bulletin boards. Whether you’re aiming for functionality, aesthetics, or a combination of both, the space under your bulletin boards can be transformed into useful and visually appealing areas for your students to enjoy.