13 Creative Cafe Themed Classroom Decor Ideas

Cafe themed classroom decor ideas

A cafe themed classroom is great for the colder months like Fall and Winter because the idea of a hot soothing beverage would be very comfortaing for both students and teachers. This theme can also be called a coffee and donuts classroom theme. Decorative elements in this theme are red brick wall paper, and cutouts of ceramic coffee mugs, takeout coffe cups, and coffee beans. A cafe classroom theme has a sofisticated yet casual feel and it is great for older students.

Older students may prefer this theme, with its earthy colors, because it is not as cutesy and as colorful as most of the other classroom themes. If you’ve done a farmhouse theme, chalkboard theme, or an industrial chic theme in the past, you can reuse the decorations for your cafe theme as they have similar asthetics.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making a Cafe themed classroom.

Cafe themed Bulletin boards

Cafe themed bulletin board ideas

Cafe themed bulletin boards use slogans that are both encouraging and coffee inspired. Some bulletin board examples are:

  • Espresso Yourself
  • Stay Grounded
  • This class is the perfect blend
  • Don’t Stress, Do Your Best

For making your bulletin boards stay up on cinder block walls, I have some helpful tips in this blog post.

Welcome bulletin boards for a Cafe Themed Classroom

Cafe themed classroom welcome posters 2Cafe themed classroom welcome posters 3
Cafe Themed Classroom Welcome bulletin boards

The welcome posters from Schoolgirl Style above are used both in cafe themed classrooms and industrial themed classrooms.

Cafe themed classroom welcome posters

I like these instustrial themed welcome posters above the lockers in the hallway, they go well with the cafe theme.

Cafe themed classroom bulletin board perfect brew

‘This is the Perfect Brew Blend’ Bulletin Board: Make your students feel special with each of their names of a coffee cup cutout. To make this bulletin board you will need a red brick border trim, coffee cup cutouts for the students and teacher/s, pennant letters, industrial block letters, and other random cafe themed cutouts. If you have a very large number of students in your class, you can use this set of coffee cup cutouts with sixty cups in six different styles. The only extra thing I would add to this bulletin board is an awning at the top.

Cafe themed classroom motivational bulletin board

Motivational Cafe Themed Bulletin board: This bulletin board was made with two different sets. The message in the first set are cutouts that read ‘You are capable of amazing things’. The second set has positive stand-alone words which the teacher added to the cafe bulletin board. What makes these sets unique to a cafe theme, is the messages on the coffee cup cutouts. They are ‘It’s a brew-tiful day!’, ‘Don’t Stress, Do Your Best’, and ‘Brew can Do It!’. Each bulletin board set comes with cafe themed cutouts.

Cafe themed classroom birthday bulletin board

Cafe themed birthday bulletin board: I found this complete birthday bulletin board set for a cafe themed classroom. It included doughnut cutouts for each month of the year, the ‘Happy Birthday’ header, and other cutouts.

Cafe themed classroom schedule bulletin board

Cafe classroom schedule bulletin board: You can make a chalkboard styled schedule chart using parts of this calendar bulletin board and this swirly border trim.

More Cafe Themed Classroom Bulletin BOard Ideas

Cafe themed classroom calendar bulletin boardCafe themed classroom whiteboard cut outs bulbs

This classroom has a calendar bulletin board bordered with a black and white swirly border trim. The whiteboard and the other bulletin boards have cafe cutouts like coffee takeout cups, donuts, and lightbulbs.

Cafe themed classroom champs espresso yourself bulletin boardCafe themed classroom voice levels bulletin board

This teacher made these cafe bulletin board to show a schedule, voice levels, and classroom objectives. She used this ‘Espresso Yourself’ bulletin board set, this border, and these letter cutouts, to decorate them.

starbooks bulletin board for cafe themed classroom

I recently discovered the starbooks classroom theme. You can make a starbooks bulletin board in your cafe themed classroom. Click here to see free starbook classroom decor printables.

How to Decorate your cafe Classroom Door

Cafe themed classroom door design

Use cafe bulletin board cutouts: This cafe themed classroom door is decorated with cutouts from this bulletin board set. I like that the top of the door has the ‘Coffee House’ cutout.

13 Creative Cafe Themed Classroom Decor Ideas 1

Make a seasonal cafe themed classroom door: A teacher recently made this Fall themed classroom door design using a pumpkin spice and coffee cup bulletin board set.

Cafe Themed Classroom Decor Ideas for Walls

Cafe themed classroom wall decorations are usually brick wallpapers and large chalkboard signs.

Cafe themed classroom red brick accent wallpaper

You can make a Cafe themed classroom wallpaper from faux reclaimed brick bulletin board paper. This is one of the most popular ideas for making a cafe themed classroom wall.

Cafe themed classroom red brick accent wall 2Cafe themed classroom red brick accent wall
Wallpaper for Cafe classroom wall decoration

This is another type of wallpaper that you can use. This one is usually used to make bulletin boards but it looks lovely all by itself.

How to Decorate Your Cafe Themed Teacher Desk Area

Cafe themed classroom teacher desk area

You can cover the front of your desk with a brick wallpaper and decorate your wall with a cafe bulletin board to match your desk.

Cafe themed classroom teacher desk area 2

Another teacher made a cafe bulletin board behind her desk. She decided to use a reclaimed wood wallpaper on the front of her desk.

I hope that you have found Cafe Themed Classroom Decor Ideas for your cafe theme. Please check out my Chalkboard classroom theme ideas for more elements that you can add to your Cafe classroom theme.

13 Creative Cafe Themed Classroom Decor Ideas 2