10 General Bulletin Board Ideas for Any Classroom

10 General Bulletin Board Ideas for Any Classroom 1

General bulletin board ideas for any classroom can consist of welcome messages, motivating messages, or positive messages. These are the kinds of bulletin boards that you can create before school opens and before you even meet your new students. The positive messages on these bulletin boards will help to make your classroom more welcoming for your students.

Most teachers have a few general bulletin boards up on their walls at the start of the school year, then they add more subject specific bulletin boards as the term progresses. For teachers with limited space for bulletin boards, these general bulletin boards can be place-holders for the while, until they are ready to put up subject based bulletin boards to support their teaching.

I love to find awesome bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making general bulletin board ideas for any classroom setting.

General Bulletin Board Ideas for Any Classroom

General classroom bulletin boards are based around the themes of classroom kindness, motivation, values, self-esteem, inclusiveness, diversity, and positivity. Here are a few examples of some of these themes below.

Positive messages for bulletin Boards

general bulletin board awesome things start here 2general bulletin board awesome things happen here

‘Awesome Things Start Here’ bulletin board: This bulletin board set comes with a positive message that is short and sweet, and suitable for any class level. A similar bulletin board to this can be given the words ‘Amazing things happen here’.

general bulletin board today is a good day togeneral bulletin board today is a great day to learn something new

‘Today is a Good Day to…’ bulletin board sentence: The boho bulletin board version has words that you can switch out for a ‘Today is a Good Day to…’ sentence, or you can use all the words and display the whole thing in a bulletin board. The colorful version reads ‘Today is a Good Day to Learn Something New’.

general bulletin board the future of the world is in this classroom

‘The Future of the World is in this Classroom’ bulletin board: This is a 2 in 1 bulletin board set. It has two phrases that you can use. One phrase is ‘The future of the World is in This Room’ and the other phrase is in the next point below.

Classroom kindness messages for bulletin boards

Be the reason someone smiles today bulletin board bohogeneral bulletin board be the reason someone smiles today

‘Be the reason someone smiles today’ bulletin board: The ‘Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today’ bulletin board is a vibrant and uplifting addition to the classroom. With its cheerful design and clear message, it serves as a constant reminder for the students to spread kindness and make a positive impact on others. The interactive section allows everyone to share their acts of kindness, encouraging engagement and reflection. It promotes a supportive and inclusive community. Overall, this bulletin board is highly recommended for fostering positivity and empathy among everyone. The teacher who made the purple classroom kindness bulletin board plans to add her students’ smile photos to the frames. I love this idea! The other version has a boho theme.

Classroom kindness bulletin board plant kindness and everybody grows together

‘Plant Kindness, and Everybody Grows Together’ bulletin board: This is a simple but effective message that uses the analogy of sowing and reaping for students to value the importance of being kind to each other. See everything that comes with this garden themed bulletin board set here on Amazon.

Self Esteem Messages for bulletin boards

general bulletin board you are braver stronger smarter than you think

‘You are Braver, Stronger, and Smarter than you think’ bulletin board: This motivating bulletin board promotes having belief in one’s abilities. It is very wordy, but worth it for students because the message is so empowering.

general bulletin board for self esteem

‘You are Special, You are Worthy’ bulletin board: Positive and desirable attributes of your students’ character are highlighted in this self-esteem promoting bulletin board.

Motivating messages for bulletin Boards

general bulletin board motivating growth mindset

A Growth Mindset Bulletin Board: The message in this bulletin board should motivate students because it shows that if they think it, they can achieve it. It reads ‘Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right’. The key word there is ‘think’, which directly relates to mindset.

more General Bulletin Board Ideas for Any Classroom

general bulletin board hooray youre here

‘Hooray! You’re Here’ bulletin board: This is a simple general bulletin board for any classroom theme that you can create yourself by printing and cutting out the words ‘Hooray’ and ‘You’re Here’, done in cute fonts. Add a colorful border trim to match the bright color paper that the letters were printed on.

you fit right in bulletin board jigsaw

‘You Fit Right In’ bulletin board: For encouraging inclusivity, this bulletin board makes this message easy for students of any age to understand.

These general bulletin board ideas for any classroom are great for setting a positive and inviting tone for the new school year. Please also check out these blog posts about welcome back to school bulletin boards, making instant bulletin boards, and this other post about school hallway bulletin boards for more ideas.

10 General Bulletin Board Ideas for Any Classroom 3