How to Display Target Standards

How to display standards in the classroom

Are you trying to figure out how to display target standards in your classroom? Displaying target standards in the classroom is an effective way to communicate learning goals and objectives to students. It helps create a clear roadmap for what students are expected to learn and achieve. As you progress through the curriculum, update the displays to reflect the standards that have been covered and those that are upcoming. This keeps students informed about their learning journey. 

I love to find awesome classroom bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Here are some steps you can follow to display target standards in your classroom.

How to Display Target Standards in your Classroom

Select the Standards: Begin by identifying the specific learning standards or objectives you want to display. These could be based on your curriculum, grade level, subject, or any specific learning goals you have for your students.

display standards in a bulletin board with clear sleeves

Display standards in a bulletin board: Create visually appealing and organized displays that clearly present the standards. Consider using a bulletin board, posters, or digital displays. Use clear fonts, colors, and graphics that are easily readable from different parts of the classroom. Stick on dry erase clear pockets or page sleeves on a bulletin board and change out the standards in the envelopes whenever you need to. I like the ‘Look What I Can Do’ heading with the googly eyes.

display standards in a pocket chart

Display standard strips in a pocket chart: If you want to have detailed standards and not just the standard headings, use standard strips and switch them out in pocket charts. These pocket charts can be held up with push pins on a corkboard or with magnets if used on a whiteboard.

Interactive Displays: Make the displays interactive by incorporating elements like checklists, progress trackers, or QR codes that link to additional resources or explanations.

Student Involvement: Involve students in the process by having them contribute to the display. They could create artwork, write descriptions, or suggest examples related to the standards.

How to Display Target Standards in a Student-Friendly Manner

focus wall target standards display

Use Student-Friendly Language: Rewrite the standards in student-friendly language to ensure that students can understand what is expected of them. Avoid jargon and technical terms that might confuse students.

Break Down Objectives: If the standards are complex or have multiple components, break them down into smaller, manageable objectives. This can help students better understand the steps needed to achieve the overall standard.

Connect to Learning Activities: Under each standard or objective, provide a brief description of the related learning activities or projects that students will engage in. This helps students see the practical application of the standards. If you have enough space, you can include examples of student work that demonstrate mastery of the standards. This can give students a clear idea of what their work should look like when they’ve successfully met the objectives.

Remember, the goal of displaying target standards is to make learning objectives transparent and accessible to students. This practice fosters a sense of ownership, motivation, and engagement in the learning process. I have display ideas that you can check out for classroom objectives in this blog post. These ideas are mostly display bulletin boards for classroom objectives, but the ideas there can help you to figure out how to display target standards for your students.

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