11 Awesome Christian Fall Themed Bulletin Boards

Christian Fall themed bulletin boards

This is a collection of Christian fall themed bulletin boards for church, Sunday school, or classrooms. I love to see the fall colors reflected in the leaves, animal cutouts, fall tree cutouts, and lettering on the bulletin boards. You will commonly see the use of the word ‘fall’ used with the double meaning as in a seasonal theme, and as a verb.

Examples of worded phrases for Christian fall themed bulletin boards are:

  • Fall in Love with Jesus
  • His Grace Falls on Us
  • Falling for Jesus
  • Fall into a Good Book (the Bible)
  • Thankful for God’s UnbeLEAFable Blessings
  • Keep Jesus at the Core

I love to find awesome bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making Fall themed Christian bulletin boards.

Christian Fall Themed Bulletin Boards with the Word ‘Fall’

His grace falls on us christian Fall themed bulletin board

His Grace Falls on Us’ bulletin board: To make a bulletin board like this, use brown craft paper for the tree trunk, decorative fall leaves, and these letter cutouts. This bulletin board also has the word ‘falls’ displayed with the letters placed in a downward diagonal descent

fall in live with Jesus bulletin boardchristian fall in live with Jesus bulletin board 4
christian fall in live with Jesus bulletin board 3christian fall in live with Jesus bulletin board 2

‘Fall in Love with Jesus’ bulletin board: The first bulletin board was made from an academic bulletin board set that read ‘Fall in love with learning’. The word ‘learning’ was switched to ‘Jesus’ to make it a Christian bulletin board. Everything else that you see, except the background, comes with the set. That is the tree, leaves, animals, fence, words, and the border trim. The other three bulletin boards were made from this set (which has the words ‘fall in Love with Jesus’. You can click on the pictures to see the prices on Amazon.

christian fall bb thankful for his unbeleafable blessings

‘Thankful for God’s UnbeLEAFable Blessings’ bulletin board: This bulletin board can also be a Christian Thanksgiving themed bulletin board. It comes wit the tree, leaf cutouts, pumkin cutouts, and the words.

Christian fall in love with prayer bulletin board

‘Fall into Prayer’ bulletin board: This simple bulletin board uses a large tree cutout with fall leaves. A similar phrase you can use is ‘Fall in Love with Prayer’.

More Fall Themed Christian Bulletin Baords

God knows your name Christian bulletin board fall theme

God Knows Your Name’ bulletin board: The creator of this bulletin board made it for the children’s school at her church. She added artificial leaves to this tree bulletin board. The also printed out the names of each child on sheets, cut them out, then glued them to the leaves. I love this bulletin board but using a label maker would have been be a quicker way to label the leaves.

Christian Fall bulletin board give said the little tree

‘Give, said the Little Tree’ bulletin board: The heading for this bulletin board was inspired by the Christian kids song, ‘Give, Said the Little Stream’. The tree cutout, that was used, came with the leaves and the pumpkin cutouts.

Keep Jesus at the Core bulletin board fall Christian bulletin boardChristian bulletin board keep Jesus at the Core

‘Keep Jesus at the Core’ Christian Fall themed bulletin boards: The first apple themed Christian bulletin board has different sayings and scripture on it. Second bulletin board is simpler with apple cut outs for you to write the kids’ names on them.

See more Christian bulletin boards in this blog post and Fall themed Bulletin boards here. For making your bulletin boards stay up on cinder block walls, I have some helpful tips in this blog post.

More Christian Fall themed bulletin boards will be added as I find them.

11 Awesome Christian Fall Themed Bulletin Boards 1