Halloween Gift Ideas for Students

Halloween gift ideas for students sq

Are you looking for candy-free Halloween gift ideas for students? I wanted to make a list for you that doesn’t include candy because a lot of teachers prefer healthier alternatives that would not cause students to spike their insulin and get hyperactive in class.

When choosing Halloween gifts for students, make sure they are age-appropriate and align with any school policies regarding gifts and celebrations. You can give your students Halloween themed stationary sets, books, toys, and craft kits.

I love to find awesome gift ideas for students. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Halloween gift ideas for students that don’t involve candy can still be fun and creative. Below are some non-candy Halloween gift ideas for students.

Non-Candy Halloween Gift Ideas for Students

Halloween gift for students popits and mini notepads and stickers

Assorted tokens for Halloween: These are pre-packaged toy bags like fidget keychains, pop-its, and party favors. Each parcel works out to cost less than a dollar!

Halloween gift for students stationery 1Halloween gift for students stationery 2Halloween themed gifts for students stationery

Halloween Themed Stationery: Provide Halloween-themed pencils, erasers, notebooks, or stickers to encourage their creativity in the classroom.

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Playdoh: You can’t go wrong handing these Playdoh cups out for the trick or treaters. With all the allergies the little ones have lately, this is a safe and fun alternative to candy (usually all made in factories that process nuts).

Halloween pumpkin decorating kits

Mini Pumpkin Decorating Kits: Give students small pumpkins along with markers, stickers, or paint so they can decorate their own pumpkins at home.

Halloween gift for students glow in the dar toys

Glow-in-the-Dark Toys: Halloween-themed glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark stickers, sticky hands, or small toys can be a hit with kids.

Halloween Jokes for Kids - Clean and Funny

Halloween Books: Have age-appropriate Halloween-themed books so that students can enjoy spooky reading. I’m recommending my Halloween Joke book! I also need to recommend this blog post about using Halloween themed poetry books in the classroom.

Spooky Puzzles or Games: Provide Halloween-themed puzzles or board games that students can play with their families.

Costume Accessories: Fun costume accessories like masks, capes, or witch hats can be a great way for students to dress up for Halloween. You can get free printable Halloween masks for your students here.

Mini Flashlights: Halloween nights can be dark, so small flashlights with Halloween designs can be both practical and fun.

Halloween gift stamps

Stamps and Stickers: Halloween themed stamps and stickers are great for decorating notebooks, craft projects, or cards.

Halloween gift for students mini coloring books and crayons

Coloring Books and Crayons: Give students a combo set of Halloween-themed coloring books and crayons for a creative and calming activity.

Halloween gift for students plush toy monsters

Halloween Themed Stuffed Animals: Plush toys with Halloween motifs, such as black cats, cute monsters, or friendly ghosts, can be a comforting gift.

DIY Craft Kits: Provide DIY craft kits with supplies for making Halloween-themed decorations or crafts at home.

Temporary Tattoos: Halloween-themed temporary tattoos can be a hit with students, allowing them to add some spooky flair to their outfits.

Halloween gift for students bubble wands

Halloween Bubbles: Mini bottles of bubbles with Halloween-themed labels can provide entertainment and excitement.

Science Kits: Consider educational Halloween-themed science kits, like making slime or growing crystals.

Halloween Make a monster kits gift for students

Make Your Own Monster Kits: It is so easy to make monster kits for your class. Put these items a clear bag for each student: PlayDoh, pipe cleaners, and googley eyes. Get a free monster bag topper for it here.

What to Use as Halloween Goody Bags for Students?

Halloween trick or treat gift bags for school

Make personalized trick or treat bags: If your students are trick or treating around the school, these bags are the perfect size for their little hands to carry. You can personalize each one with their name.

Halloween gift bags for students

Ready-made Halloween gift bags: These are thirty-six non-woven Halloween gift bags for students. They come in different colors and have Halloween themed designs on them.

I hope you have found Halloween Gift Ideas for Students through this post. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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