100th Day of School Crafts

100th Days of School Crafts

These are fun 100th Day of School Crafts for students to make in the classroom. Students can make t-shirt crafts, gumball crafts, crowns, glasses, and necklaces. Each of these items must have 100 of something. These can be googly eyes, stickers, mini pompoms, buttons, etc.

I love to find fun craft projects for students. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great 100th Day of School Crafts for students to make.

100th Day of School Crafts

The 100th day of school is a special milestone, and there are many fun and creative craft activities you can do with students to celebrate. Here are some ideas:

100 Days of School gumball poster craft100 Days of School gumball machine box
100th Day of School Crafts for gumball machines

100th Day of School Gumball Poster Craft: Give students large gumball cutouts for them to fill up the ball area with 100 cotton balls to represent the gumballs. Older students can make a 3D gumball making craft using bottles and bowls (see picture).

100 Days Brighter poster craft with mini lights

100 Days Brighter Poster Craft: 100 mini lights (paid link) were added to this 100th days of school poster to represent stars.

100th Day of School Crown: Provide children with plain paper crowns and let them decorate with 100 small items such as stickers, pom-poms, or beads.


100th Day Glasses: Cut out glasses shapes from cardboard or construction paper and have kids decorate them with 100 small objects or drawings. I created a low-cost 100th Day Glasses template to save you time.

100th Day Collage: Give each child a piece of poster board and magazines. Let them cut out and glue 100 pictures or words onto the board to create a 100th-day collage.

Fingerprint Tree: Draw a tree on a large sheet of paper. Have each child create fingerprint leaves on the tree, with each finger representing a group of 10 fingerprints to total 100.

100th Day Necklaces: Provide beads and string to create necklaces with 100 beads. You can use different colors or shapes to make it more interesting. They can also thread Fruit Loops onto a string to create a necklace. Challenge the kids to count out and string exactly 100 Fruit Loops.

100 eyes on alien tshirt craft

100th Day T-Shirt: Have children bring in a plain white T-shirt. Provide fabric markers or paint, and let them decorate their shirt with 100 drawings, shapes, or handprints. See more examples of 100th Day T-shirt crafts here in this blog post.

Counting to 100 Flip Book: Create a flipbook where each page represents a group of 10. Kids can draw or paste pictures to represent each group and flip through to see all 100 items.

100 Days of School monster poster craft painted100 Days of School monster poster craft 100 eyes

100 Eye Monster Poster Craft: Kids can add 100 googley eyes to a monster with a large round head to hold so many eyeballs.

100th Day Hat: Provide paper hats and stickers, stamps, or drawings to decorate. Challenge the kids to use 100 decorating elements on their hats.

100th Day Certificates: Design certificates for each child, celebrating their achievement of completing 100 days of school. Have them decorate their own certificate.

100th Day Puzzle: Provide blank puzzle pieces and have the children decorate each piece with numbers, drawings, or stickers. Once complete, they can assemble the puzzle to reveal the number 100.

100 eyes on alien poster craft

Alien craft poster: Young kids can put 100 googly eyes on an alien monster poster.

100th Day Trail Mix: Create a “100th Day Trail Mix” station with 10 different snacks. Have the children count out 10 of each snack to make their own 100-piece mix.

100th Day of School Crafts 1

I hope you have found ideas for 100th Day of School crafts for your classroom in this post. Remember to tailor these activities to the age and skill level of the children. The key is to make it a fun and memorable celebration of the 100th day of school.

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