15 Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids to Make

Christmas Ornament Crafts for kids to make sq

These are Christmas Ornament Crafts for kids to make in the classroom, as keepsakes that they can take home. Most of these crafts only need either two or three items for you to make them. Many of the decorative elements are self adhesive so that there is less of the mess that glue usually brings. These Christmas Ornament Crafts are easy for kids to make and show off their creativity.

I love to find awesome craft ideas for kids. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are cute Christmas ornament crafts for kids to make for themselves with a little guidance.

Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids to Make

Christmas ornament craft with cut outs and gemstones

Make cardstock cut-out tree ornaments: This craft requires no coloring or glue. If you need a quick craft, always go for items that are pre-cut like cut-out shapes, and peel-and-stick decorations like stickers. Using cut-outs of angels, ball ornaments, stockings, snowflakes, and Christmas trees, add Christmas themed stickers and stick on adhesive gemstones to make them pop.

christmas craft cork snowman

Make cork snowmen: This complete set of snowman pieces can be added to wine corks to make snowman Christmas ornament crafts. The arms can be pre-snipped to shorten them.

Christmas crafts foam stickers on wooden ornaments

Decorate Wooden ornaments with gems and foam stickers: Wooden snowflake ornaments can be first painted in blue or white. When the paint is dry, add adhesive gemstones and Christmas themed or Winter themed foam stickers to decote them.

Christmas craft ornament wooden scrabbe bulb

Make wooden bulb tree ornaments: This requires only three things; Elmer’s glue, unfinished 4″ wooden bulb shaped ornaments, and wooden Scrabble letters. Students can choose to make a Christmas themed word on their ornament. Short words like love, hope, faith, noel, and joy, are good options.

christmas crafts melted snowman globe ornaments

Make Melted Snowman ornaments: Fill a round bulb ornament up to about halfway full with white sugar. This will look like it’s filled with snow. Then add tiny twigs and candy drops to look like snowman arms, buttons, and a carrot nose.

christmas craft shrinkydinks

Make plastic cup shrinkydink ornaments: Kids can draw on the bottom of clear plastic cups with markers and you (the teacher) put it in the oven for two minutes and they shrink flat into a circle ornament. Use a hole puncher to make a hole at the top and add ribbon. If you prefer to use shrinydink paper or a shrinkydink set, you can do that. A set can make lots of shrinkydinks for your class. This set comes with 20 crystal clear shrink art paper sheets, 12 colored pencils, 20 keychains, 20 hooks and one hole punch.

christmas craft beaded pipe cleaner ornaments

Make beaded pipe cleaner ornaments: This bead ornament set comes with beads in Christmas colors, pipe claners, and bows.

christmas craft fingerprint ornament

Make fingerprint Christmas ornament crafts: Wooden round ornaments can be painted blue with some white at the bottom. This is the background for a winter scene. Students can dip their fingertips in white paint to stamp out snowmen bodies standing on the snow scene. When the paint dries, black and orange markers can be used to draw the arms, buttons, and noses on the snowmen.

christmas craft popsicle stick house ornamentschristmas craft elf hat from craft sticks

Make craft stick Ornaments: With popsicle sticks, students can make ornaments of snowflakes, Christmas stars, Santa hats, reindeer heads, Christmas trees, etc. Students can make simple Christmas trees out of three large craft sticks formed like a triangle, and they can add a sticker star. They can put card stock behind tree and color the sticks green. A picture can be added in the middle and they can glue bottons along the outline. This makes for a cute ornament. You just need a few craft supplies including glue, sharpies, paints, and pipe cleaners.

christmas craft gingerbread man ornament with candy belly

Gingerbread man ornament: What makes this gingergbread man unique is that he has a belly full of candy. These clear half globes were used to hold and display the candy.

15 Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids to Make 1

Christmas Ornament Crafts for Older Kids or Older Students

Christmas crafts scrabble letter ribbon ornaments

Christmas Scrabble letter ornaments: Older students can use a glue gun or strong glue to stick the Scrabble letters onto the wide ribbons. They can make simple words like ‘merry’, ‘love’, and ‘joy’, or they can make their name.

christmas craft wreath wih candy canes for older students

Candycane Christmas wreath craft: This craft is older students. Use a glue gun to attach faux candy canes and add wooden snowflakes at the center.

christmas craft stick house for older students to makechristmas craft stick sled ornament

Intricate craft stick ornaments: Popsicle stick ornaments are cheap to make and you can be endlessly creative with them. Examples are a 3D sled or a Christmas themed house with vinyl cut outs.

15 Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids to Make 1

I hope this has helped you get ideas for Christmas ornament crafts for your students to create. If you want to surprise your students with gifts that you can make for them, see this blog post for snack ideas, and this post for crafty gift ideas for them.

Merry Christmas!

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