3 Easy Ways to Manage Classroom Fire Tablets

Management Ideas for Classroom Fire Tablets

Using classroom Fire tablets can be a cost-effective and versatile way to enhance learning for your studsents. They are the most affordable type of tablets that you can use in your classroom. However, the major limitation is that you cannot download any Google Apps on it. Therefore, if you need to use Google Classroom, you would have to use it from the web page only, and not the app.

Fire Tablet management in the classroom involves a combination of selecting the right tablet models with adequate storage, using expandable and cloud storage options, and managing educational apps efficiently. You would have to train your students on how to manage the storage and charging system effectively.

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas below are examples of how to store Fire Tablets in the classroom.

3 Easy Ways to Manage Classroom Fire Tablets 1

How to Choose the Right Fire Tablets for your Classroom

kindle fire charger station for classrooms with light up slots

It’s crucial to choose Fire tablet models with sufficient storage to accommodate the apps, digital textbooks, and educational content you plan to use in the classroom. Consider the needs of your students and the types of content you’ll be using.

Amazon Fire Tablets are integrated with Amazon’s cloud storage service, which provides free storage for Amazon content. You can upload documents, images, and other content to the cloud to free up space on the device itself. This can be particularly useful for syncing assignments and documents across multiple devices.

3 Easy Ways to Manage Classroom Fire Tablets 1

Charging Stations for Classroom Fire Tablets

These are different kinds of storage stands that you can use to store and charge your classroom Fire tablets:

fire tablet storage in wooden stand

Use wooden storage stands: This is one of the most affordable ways to make a charging station for classroom Fire Tablets. This wooden storage stand has slots that are spaced to comfortably hold Fire tablets in bulky cases.

fire tablet kindle kids edition storage stand

Use a Kindle Fire Kids edition Stand: This stand makes a great charging station for Kindle Fire Kids editions in their cases. It has seven slots, enough for six devices plus a USB charger in the middle.  You can get colorful USB cables to match the Kindle cases, to keep the charging system organized with a color coded system.

Use colored tablet cases to match charging cords for an easy color coded storage system

Use an Adjustable Fire Tablet Stand: These Kindle Fire 7 tablets are in color coded cases and are stored in an adjustable 10-slot charging station. It works for tablets that with or without cases. Cords would have to be bought separatly. Use short cords with colors to match the cases for easier organization.

3 Easy Ways to Manage Classroom Fire Tablets 1

How to Manage Your Classroom Fire Tablets

When it comes to managing your classroom Fire Tablets, here are some important considerations:

Access Google Classroom thhrough the web browser: Since most classrooms use Google Classroom on their tablets, you would need to access it on your Fire tablets. This can only be done through the internet browser’s website page, drive.google.com, and not an app. The Google Play Store App is not available on Fire tablets.

Storage Capacity: The storage capacity of Fire Tablets varies by model. You can find Fire Tablets with storage options ranging from 16GB to 64GB or more. Some Fire Tablets come with a microSD card slot, allowing you to expand storage by adding a microSD card. This can be a cost-effective way to increase storage capacity. 

App Management: Efficiently manage apps on the tablets. Encourage students to uninstall apps they no longer use to free up space. Additionally, consider using mobile device management (MDM) solutions if you need to manage and deploy apps on multiple devices.

3 Easy Ways to Manage Classroom Fire Tablets 1

In summary,  Careful planning and regular maintenance can help ensure a smooth and productive educational experience.

More ideas for oraganizing and managing classroom Fire tablets will be added as I find them. Do you have a different way of storing and charging your Fire tablets? If you have, please share about it in the comments. Teachers are the ones who innovate and think up the most creative solutions for their classrooms.

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I hope you have found management ideas for classroom Fire tablets through this post. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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