11 Simple Uses for Dry Erase Pockets

Uses for Dry Erase Pockets

Are you looking for tips on the uses for dry erase pockets in the classroom? Dry erase pockets are also called dry erase sleeves, write-on wipe-off pockets, or worksheet sleeves. They are bordered with colored fabric with can come in all black, one color, or different color for each sleeve in the set. A colorful bulk set is helpful if you need to have a color-coded system for your students.

Uses for Dry Erase Pockets in Your Classroom

This post is a growing listing of Uses for Dry Erase Pockets in your classroom. Teachers use dry erase pockets to display information on bulletin boards or whiteboards such as learning objectives, students’ work, and focus wall information. They are also used as dry erase mats for students’ worksheets and as storage packs for classroom centers.

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Dry Erase Pockets for Displaying Objectives, Learning Targets and Standards

dry erase sleeves for target standards i will posters

Display learning target standards in dry erase pockets: Slip your learning target standards into dry erase sleeves on your focus wall. They can be hung in portrait or landscape.

dry erase sleeves for sticking reference sheets to student desks

Tape down reference information to each student desk: This teacher taped dry erase pockets to her students’ desks so she could put objectives and vocabulary terms in them.

11 Simple Uses for Dry Erase Pockets 1

Dry Erase Sleeves for Bulletin Boards

Use Dry Erase Pockets for Work Display Bulletin Board

Use dry-erase pockets to display student work: Having a bulletin board full of dry erase pockets makes it easy to change out the student work on display.

dry erase sleeves for teacher classroom notice board bulletin board

Dry erase sleeves for classroom notice board: Teachers need to have a notice board for easy reference to calendars, notices, and documents. A good place to hang it would be near the teacher desk area. The papers can be grouped into different dry erase sleeves. The clear sleeves allow for the sheets to be seen at a glace so that labeling each group is unnecessary.

focus wall for literacy with questions

Focus wall bulletin boards: Hold the posters in your focus wall bulletin board in dry erase sleeves. This literacy bulletin board has question posters about text structure displayed for students to read and answer.

11 Simple Uses for Dry Erase Pockets 1

Dry Erase Pockets for Labeling

Dry erase sleeve as label for drawer carts 2

Dry Erase Sleeves as labels for drawer carts: This teacher keeps handouts for each subject in different drawer carts. Each color-coded sleeve matches a drawer cart and has a label for the subject that the cart is designated for.

11 Simple Uses for Dry Erase Pockets 1

Dry Erase Pockets for Student Worksheets and Activities

11 Simple Uses for Dry Erase Pockets 9

Dry erase pockets for worksheets: Students can reuse worksheets by placing them in dry-erase pockets and using a whiteboard marker to write on them. The marker work erases cleanly from the pocket and the actual worksheets remain untouched and reusable.

dry erase sleeves for handwriting sleeves

Dry erase sleeves for student handwriting practice: This is one of the most common uses for dry erase pockets in the classroom. Most pockets can fit letter sized worksheets. 

dry erase sleeves for student art drawing activity

Use dry erase sleeves for group directed art activity for students: Each student has a photocopy of the same line drawing in their sleeves. They will use markers or play dough to add color. 

11 Simple Uses for Dry Erase Pockets 1

Dry Erase Pockets for Classroom Center Storage

dry erase sleeves for storing centers

Store classroom center activities in dry erase sleeves: Classroom centers usually consist of cards, cutouts, papers, and game pieces. Keep them all in clear sleeves. A tip for using sleeves as storage is to always keep a sheet of cardstock in it to keep it stiff so that it does not bend and crease up the cards in it.

dry erase sleeves for storing large flashcards for a center

Store large flashcards in dry erase sleeves on a ring: This teacher use them to make an alphabet flash card set that could be flipped from one letter to the next. Her students can use dry erase markers to trace the letters to learn how to write them.

11 Simple Uses for Dry Erase Pockets 1

More uses for dry erase pockets will be added as I find them. Have you discovered a new way to use dry erase sleeves? If you have, please share about it in the comments. Teachers are the ones who innovate and think up the most creative solutions for their classrooms.

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