Bulletin Boards About Writing

Bulletin Boards About Writing

This is a collection of bulletin boards about writing to help your students remember good writing tips. These writing bulletin boards are about the writing process, the reasons for writing, types of writers, and different writing styles. Decorations for writing process bulletin boards are usually large pencil cutouts, and pencil border trims.

I love to find awesome bulletin board ideas for classrooms. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making bulletin boards about writing.

Bulletin Boards About Writing Process Steps

The six writing process steps are prewriting, planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Some versions have five simpler steps for younger students. The five steps are brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.

Here are examples of bulletin boards that you can make for the writing process steps:

writing process bulletn board with posters 5 steps

Make a detailed poster bulletin board about the 5 steps in the Writing Process: This type of bulletin board is easy to make. You will need writing process posters, number cutouts, a large pencil cutout for the header, and a pencil border trim.

writing process pencil bulletin board with writing posters on the side

Make a composit writing bulletin board: This beautiful writing process bulletin board is a composit of posters from TpT, a pencil garland, and a pencil shaped writing process poster (like this example). All are set against a striped bulletin board background with a contrasting pink border.

writing process bulletin board 2 with posters

Use Six-Step Writing Process Posters: These are just parts of a Carson Dellosa writing process bulletin board. See all of the pieces in the full set here.

Bulletin Boards About Writing 1

Bulletin Boards About Writing Tips

Bulletin boards about writing can include good writing traits, use of figurative language, and writing structures. Here are ideas for using writing tips posters to make writing bulletin boards:

traits of good writing bulletin board

Use posters to make a Traits of Good Writing bulletin board: These are six writing posters that cover the topcs of ideas and content, word choice, fluency, voice, organization, conventions, and presentation.

the writing process bulletin board with word cloud posters

Use writing posters to make a bulletin board: These writing posters make a lovely bulletin board. Each poster has a word cloud based on one of these types of writing styles; narrative, descriptive, expository, etc. I think these posters are no longer in print. But there are similar posters that are found here from Amazon that you can use.

writing poster for argumentative writing

Use Agumentative Writing Posters: This vertical poster banner has detailed tips to guide students to write argumentative pieces properly.

Bulletin Boards About Writing 1

Funny Writing Bulletin Boards

kiki bulletin board about writing

Kiki, Do You Love Writing’ bulletin board: This funny classroom door bulletin board is covered with the Kiki song but it is all about writing, editing, and never leaving out punctuation. A pencil border trim was added. Students love to sing the song to the words on the door.

Bulletin Boards About Writing 5

I hope you have found bulletin boards about writing for your classroom through this post. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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For making your bulletin boards stay up on cinder block walls, I have some helpful tips in this blog post.

More ideas will be added as I find them.