How to Clean Classroom Whiteboards

How to clean classroom whiteboards

Every teacher needs to know how to clean classroom whiteboards. Teachers use dry erasers, cleaning cloths, and whiteboard wipes to clean their whiteboards. It is usually a two-step process, in which they do a quick wipe with the dry eraser, then follow that up with one wipe of the wet wipe. This makes your whiteboard clean and ready to be used.

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How to Clean Classroom Whiteboards

Classroom whiteboard cleaning before and after

Teachers use dry erasers, whiteboard cleaning cloths, and whiteboard wipes. For more heavy duty cleaning, teachers can follow this up with a cleaning spray soak, then aother wipe down with wipes.

The Best Dry Erasers for Cleaning Whiteboards

These are the best dry erasers for cleaning classroom whiteboards:

Colorful magnetic dry erasers: Always go with a magnetic eraser rather than a plain one. The convenience of having it stored right on the whiteboard makes it easy for you to just grab it to erase something quickly.  You can also use them to represent other objects on your whiteboard during instruction; like the unknown number or symbol in an equation. 

Ergonomic magnetic dry erase board eraser: This eraser is magnetic, it fits comfortably in the hand, and it erases well. This is one of the most popular ideas for how to clean classroom whiteboards.

whiteboard cleaning shag eraser

Shag erasers for whiteboards: These shag erasers are so fluffy. I just like they way they feel, like a mini shag rug. It is not magnetic but it comes with a suction hook to hang it on the whiteboards. It is a good option for whiteboards that are not magnetic.

whiteboard cleaning cloth

Whiteboard cleaning cloth: These are long lasting cloths that do not fall apart easily. They have a magnet sewn into a corner so that it can stay up on your whiteboard. Depending on the marker you use, you can wipe them off cleanly without needing to use a spray. I like that it is dark because marker stains look unsightly to me.

whiteboard cleaning heavy duty

Wipe the whiteboard with wipes after using the dry eraser: These whiteboard wipes are easy to use and they work really well. They take care of the shadowing and residue left behind after a dry eraser. One wipe will clean an entire classroom whiteboard if you’ve already used the dry eraser. 

How to Repair an Old Whiteboard

whiteboard repair

If your whiteboard is beyond repair with stains and scratches, you can install an adhesive whiteboard film over it to make it look brand new again. See directions for doing this in this blog post.

How to Clean Dry-Erase lapboards and Clipboards

Student whiteboards, lapboards, and dry-erase clipboards can all be cleaned in the same way.

How to Clean Dry-Erase lapboards and Clipboards

Use whiteboard cleaning wipes: After you use a dry eraser, follow it up with a cleaning wipe for a cleaner board.

I hope this has helped you get ideas for how to clean classroom whiteboards. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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