15 Cute Paperweights for Teacher Desks

Paperweights for teacher desks

This is a collection of beautiful paperweights for teacher desks. Paperweights are great for keeping piles of papers to be filed neatly stacked, and also work in the same way for piles of homework, assignments, and forms, that students submit on a daily basis. Paperweights for teachers can match the theme of the classroom, have an inspiring message on it about teaching, or have a design element that represents teaching or the teacher’s hobbies. It goes without saying that paper weights should be both functional and beautiful.

I may be very particular, but I prefer a paperweight that has a strip of soft foam or rubber padding at the base. This gives it grip when it is on the desk so that it does not wobble or roll around from table movements. It also gives it a soft landing so that when you place it on the desk, it does not make a loud noise to distract students.

I love to find teacher gifts for teacher desks. They make lovely gifts for teachers for Teachers Appreciation Week. I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are thoughtful paperweights for teacher desks.

Motivational Paperweights for teacher Desks

paper weight for teacher desk may you be proud of the work you dopaperweight for teacher desk everything is figureoutable

Elegant motivational paperweights for teacher desks: This elegant paperweight is a cute desk sign for teacher desks. It reads ‘May you be proud of the work that you do, the person you are, and the difference that you make’. I found similar ones to it like this colorful version and a solid background version. The other paperweight reads ‘Everything is figure-out-able’.

paperweight for teacher desk crystal squares

Acrylic square paperweights with encouraging messages: All of the messages on these floral clear paperweights are designed for teachers.

paperweight for teacher desk crystal hearts

Heart shaped acrylic paperweights with messages: This is a pair of paperweights that can stand or lay flat. I would keep them flat prevent any accidents. Each one has a different message on it.

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Artistic Paperweights for Teacher Desks

paperweight for teacher desk crystal apple smallpaperweight for teacher desk crystal apple big

Apple paperweights for teachers: These are usually red or green acrylic apples. I found a small one and a bigger one. Decorative apples are one of the most popular ideas for paperweights for teacher desks.

paperweight for teacher desk yin yang

Clear Pyramid paperweights: This beautiful crystal-clear pyramid is so mesmirizing to look at, with the white sphere suspended over the yin-yang art symbol, on the sparkly base.

15 Cute Paperweights for Teacher Desks 1

Functional Paperweights for Teacher Gifts

Paperweights that provide storage, like penholders and paperclip holders, are examples of functional desk paperweights.

paperclip holder paperweight for teacher desk

Paperclip holder paperweight: This plastic holder has a magnetic rim at the top which pulls in the paperclips as you put them near the opening.

paperweight for teacher desk magnifying paperweight

Magnifying dome paperweight: This clear paperweight works like a magnifying glass. It makes the print under it appear slightly bigger. This is a very useful function for teachers and I can imagine that students would like to look through it.

15 Cute Paperweights for Teacher Desks 5

Pencil or pen holders: Small but sturdy holders for writing tools make cute and functional paperweights.

paperweight for teacher post it note dispenser

A Post-it note dispenser: This dispenser has a good weight to it, so that when you pull the note, it doesn’t lift up. It is made for the pop-up post it notes.

15 Cute Paperweights for Teacher Desks 1

Paperweight gifts for Male Teachers

paperweight for teacher desk gift for male teachers

Mr. Pen paperclip holder paperweight: This functional paperweight is a very strong magnet for paperclips. It can also be used to easily clean up spilled push pins or anything magnetic.

paperweight for teacher desk pen hoder for male teachers

A handsome holder for pens: This pen holder is a large paperweight that can hold your pens and your reading glasses.

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Stress Relieving Desk Paperweights for Teachers

paperweight for teacher desk stress relieving lava lamp timerspaperweight for teacher desk stress relieving lava lamp timers set of 4

Lava lamp paperweights: Teachers can enjoy lava lamps too. The mesmerizing flow of these liquid motion bubblers is very calming. I found a pack of three and a pack of four.

15 Cute Paperweights for Teacher Desks 1

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