How to Display Classroom Posters

How to Display Classroom Posters

Discover how to display classroom posters with these creative ideas that teachers have come up with. Teachers display posters using large pocket charts, picture frames, felt strip boards, table sign holders. They also display posters in bulletin board by placing them in dry erase pockets or clipping them directly onto a wire mesh bulletin board.

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How To Display Classroom Posters in The Classroom

posters in large pocket chart rack

Display classroom posters in a large pocket chart: This very large clear pocket chart holds posters for students to clearly see them. It can also be used to store your classroom posters.

posters hanging from felt strip boards with push pins

Hang classroom posters from felt strip boards: Felt strip boards are mounted on the wall by their peel and stick backing. They come with push pins fo you to hang up posters on the felt board sides.

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Use clear acrylic table sign holders to display posters on tables: I discovered that a teacher was using these sign holders in her classroom to display lab directions. The transparency of the acrylic is excellent, allowing for clear visibility of information from both sides.

posters hanging in a chicken wire frame

Clip posters in a chicken wire bulletin board frame: A chicken wire frame allows you to clip the posters on any spot, and the posters can be easily unclipped and repositioned.

posters displayed in dry-erase pockets on a bulletin board

Display classroom posters in dry-erase pockets: The use of dry-erase sleeves is one of the most common ways to display classroom posters.

classroom posters on line and clips

Hang posters on a line and clip system: With a steel line and clip system, you only have to screw it into the wall on the two ends. Numerous posters can be added to the line using the clips.

classroom posters in frames on classroom wall

Frame your classroom posters for upper grades: This is a good option for displaying posters that you want to keep displayed all year. It is recommended for older students because it looks more grown up and sophisticated, and also because older students will not feel the need to interfere with them.

posters displayed in magnetic pockets

Use magnetic pockets to hang posters: These pockets are a lot like dry erase sleeves with the added feature of magnetic backings for them to stay on your whiteboard. The entire back panel is magnetic. You can easily slip your posters into them.

posters hanging from clothesline and clothespins in classroom

Hang Posters on the wall with clothespins on a line: These character trait posters are clipped to a clothesline with clothespins on a whiteboard bulletin board. This makes it very easy to unclip them to change out the posters.

How to Display Classroom Posters 5

I hope you have found ideas for how to display classroom posters in this page. For lots of encouraging classroom posters that you can use in your class, check this blog post to see what teachers are displaying on their walls.

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