5 Fun Leap Year Bulletin Boards

Leap Year Bulletin Boards

Don’t you love to see Leap Year bulletin boards and Leap Day bulletin boards in classrooms? The best types are bulletin boards that are interactive so that students can use them to count or track each passing day to count down to Leap Day, the 29th of February. Leap Year bulletin boards can be made from printable templates, or be number cards incorporated with pocket charts.

I love to share awesome classroom bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making leap year bulletin boards.

Printable Leap Year Bulletin Boards for Counting Down to Leap Day

These leap day bulletin boards can be put up from the first day February for students to add to them each day, up until reaching the 29th of February. These bulletin boards are interactive for students to countdown to leap day.

Leap Day bulletin board numberline wide

Leap year numberline bulletin board: Make this bulletin board for your class in three easy steps; print, cut, and stick. I created this numberline bulletin board with a printable numberline and frog cutouts for teachers to be able to quickly create a complete bulletin board to countdown to leap day. It is an editable Power Point file, and it can be edited. You can add yellow and green paper fans, green border trims, and this background.

Leap Day bulletin board 10 frames wide

Leap Day 10 Frame Bulletin Board: Your students can count down to leap day on this 10 Frame bulletin board. Make it a daily activity for them to add a new frog counter to the ten frames until the 29th counter is placed in leap day.

Countdown to leap day bulletin board 10 lillypads wide

Counting down to leap day bulletin board: This is another leap year bulletin board for counting down to leap day. The counters are numbered lillypad cutouts that are to be added each day, from the first day of February to the 29th of February.

today is day leap year bulletin board wide

Counting Each Day in February bulletin board: I had the most fun creating this bulletin board. There are interactive number cards that your students can change out on the frog posters to show the date. Each day, the number cards will show the day of the month and on the last day, which is leap day, it can say ‘Today is Day 29’ or ‘Today is Leap Day’ (see the picture below).

5 Fun Leap Year Bulletin Boards 1

Editable Leap Day Bulletin Boards

These bulletin boards are either highlight leap day or celebrate the leap year.

Today is leap day bulletin board frogs wide

Today is Leap Day bulletin board: This is from the bulletin board above that changes the date each day in February, but if you just want to have a bulletin board to celebrate leap day, it can work for that too.

Hoppy Leap Year Bulletin Board wide any leap year

Hoppy Leap Year bulletin board: If you want a simple ‘Happy Leap Year’ or ‘Happy Leap Day’ bulletin board, you would like this one. The word ‘hoppy’ ties in with the frog theme. You can edit the text for it to say ‘Hoppy Leap Day’. The best part about this is that is has an arrow pointing to the last number in the year, that makes it a leap year. You can’t see the year in the picture above, but you can click here to see it on TpT, as it shows the current leap lear. It can also be used as a new year bulletin board for leap years.

5 Fun Leap Year Bulletin Boards 1

Leap Year Bulletin BOards from Amazon

Other types of leap year bulletin boards are large posters in the form of party banners or tapestries. They are very low prep alternatives to traditional bulletin boards because they come with designs already printed. Add yellow and green paper lanterns and tissue flower pompoms to make them more festive.

5 Fun Leap Year Bulletin Boards 1

I hope you have found Leap Year Bulletin Boards for your classroom through this post. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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More ideas will be added soon.

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