Valentine’s Day Classroom Decor

Valentine's Day Classroom Decor

The most popular decorations you would need for Valentine’s Day classroom decor are garlands, tapestries, posters, paper fans, heart trees, and bulletin boards. You will see lots of decorations coming in heart shapes and see lots of pinks and reds. Other traditional valentine themed motifs are cupids, hearts, chocolate, and conversation heart candy.

The number one rule that governs all Valentine’s Day classroom decor is that the colors must be mostly red or pink. I personally do not like to see red and pink going together because depending on the shade of pink used, they can clash. You can mix red with white or mix pink with white. You can also add a touch of blue somewhere in the mix. I see people adding a touch of purple too, but I’m not a fan of the purple. But purple is fine if you like it.

You can put your decorations on display from as early as mid-January and leave them up until mid-February or beyond that. You can wait until you are ready to change them up for Spring or St. Patrick’s Day. If you have students’ work on display that are Valentine themed, then it is totally fine to leave them up for a while, along with the decorations that go with them.

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How to Display Your Valentine’s Day Classroom Decor

valentine's day bulletin board letter cutouts

Use Valentine themed letters: If you’re making a bulletin board from scratch, use pre-cut letters that are red or pink to go with a Valentine theme.

valentine's day banner letter cutouts for bulletin board

Hang up Valentine themed letter buntings on a bulletin board or wall: This letter banner reads ‘Be My Valentine’ and it comes with pre-cut letter squares and string.

valentine's day quick and simple bulletin board with a love bunting

Hang banners and buntings: Use heart themed and love themed garlands and buntings as the focal point of a simple Valentine’s Day bulletin board.

heart paper fans

Use Red and white heart shaped paper fans: I don’t think that paper pans will ever go out of style. A bulletin board isn’t complete without some paper fans around the corners, right? There are accordion heart shaped paper fans and honeycomb heart shaped paper fans that are perfect for Valentine’s Day classroom decor.

valentine cutouts for teacher desk decor

Hang up Sweetheart garlands: This conversation heart garland has some large hearts. That’s a good thing because the words can be seen from far off. You can hang something like this around your bulletin boards, above your whiteboard area or on the front of your teacher desk. Every set of conversation hearts out there has a different combination of text on it. If you have one that has a string of text that is inappropriate, just tear out the offending heart, and slide the other hearts along to take its place.

Valentine's Day tapestry bulletin board for classrooms

Hang up a tapestry with heart balloons for a festive display: This idea is specifically for displaying on Valentine’s Day because the words on the tapestry say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and balloons might only last for 24hours. But the effect is worth the trouble. This is a beautiful display.

Val Day Snoopy Hearts

Use Themed Heart Cutouts: Some heart cutouts are merged with another theme. You can look for hearts that incorporate your classroom theme. These Peanuts themed hearts are a great example. Each heart has an image on Snoopy on it. They would work for decorating a Peanuts themed classroom for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Classroom Decor 1

I hope these Valentine’s Day classroom decor tips have been helpful to you.

Valentine's Day Classroom Decor 3