Black History Month Classroom Decor

Black History Month Classroom Decor

These are Black History Month Classroom Decor ideas for teachers to decorate their classrooms in February. These red, yellow, and green decorations can be put on your classroom walls, doors, and bulletin boards. I found lots of Black history Month banners, paper fans, cut outs, and posters that you can mix and match in your classroom or on your school hallway display.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are beautiful Black History Month classroom decorations.

Black History Month Classroom Decor for Walls and Bulletin BOards

Black History Month bunting banner for classroom decoration

Black History Month Bunting: This pre-strung red, yellow and green bunting has the letters with the cutouts on either end.

Black history month classroom decorations paper fans on door

Black History Month paper fans: This classroom door is covered in kente paper fans. It is such a simple and quick way to decorate your door. Paper fans can be put on your classroom door, wall, whiteboard or bulletin boards. See more Black History Month decorations for classroom doors in this blog post.

Black History Month streamers for classroom decoration

Black History Month Letters with hanging Streamers: This set can be a stand-alone decoration or be used as an add-on banner that can be placed on a bulletin board or classroom door.

black history month school hallway bulletin board

Mix and match for Large school hallway display: Mix different posters and decorations for a large bulletin board. The ‘We Still Rise Up’ display above has porch banners and Edupress Black History Events Timeline posters.

black history month balloon tower for classroom decoration

Black History Month Classroom Balloon Tower: This balloon stand holds red, yellow, and green balloons, a foil crown, and hanging cutouts.

black history month posters of black americans bulletin board

Black History Posters: Use poster sets to make bulletin boards. Many posters feature persons that have improved the lives of all people of color or persons who pioneered in their field. Some poster sets have quotes, and others can have short biographies. See more Black History Month poster set bullletin boards in this blog post.

black history month wide banner for classrooms

Large Black History Month Banners: Large wide banners are great for school hallways and for large classrooms. They can go above your whiteboard, just under the ceiling.

black history month tapestry for classroom

Black History Month Tapestries for bulletin boards: Use a black history tapestry with inspiring words on it as a bulletin board in your classroom. This tapestry has a positive message that references prominent African Americans. See more examples of tapestries in Black History Month bulletin boards here.

black history month backdrop for classroom wall

Black History Month Backdrops for classroom walls: Hanging up an informative backdrop like this is a quick and easy way to have something that is both decorative and educational about Black History Month icons.

black history month posters for classroom wall

Mix and Match different poster sets: The classroom wall has a 4 piece poster set of influencial African Americans that is complemented with decorative posters for Black History Month.

Black History Month Classroom Decor 1

Your Black History Month classroom decorations should encourage students to embrace inclusivity and empathy in their learning journey.

Black History Month Classroom Decor 3