8 Inspiring Black History Month Doors

Black History Month Doors

Black History Month doors can be created using classroom bulletin board sets or door covers. I love to see grand displays of African American history and culture both on and around the classroom doors. The colors red, green and yellow are the black history month colors that you’ll find in the door decorations, bulletin boards, and door covers.

I found a lot of Black History Month doors that teachers have created. You might find one from among them that you’d like to recreate for your classroom door. Teachers usually prepare their door displays before February, and keep their door designs up for the whole of February.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making Black History Month Classroom door bulletin boards.

Black History Month Doors

Below are Black History themed bulletin board sets and posters that are large enough to fit on classroom doors.

black history classroom door bulletin board

Black History Personality Portraits on Classroom Door: This is a beautiful way to display labeled pictures notable people of color on your classroom door. This poster set has a header poster and 14 posters of historical figures with short biographies listed.

Black History Month classroom door Inspiring the future honoring the pastblack History Month classroom door remembering the past black
Classroom bulletin boards on Black History Month Doors

Inspiring the Future, Honoring the Past classroom door bulletin board: This is my favorite Black History Month door bulletin board because of the message and also the different elements in the design. Find it here on Amazon and there is a similar version here that is printable and editable. There is also a set here that is designed to go over a dark background.

8 Inspiring Black History Month Doors 1

Notable Black Americans Black History Classroom Door Bulletin Board: This classroom door is covered in plain bulletin board paper, and these posters.

8 Inspiring Black History Month Doors 3

Black History Event Posters on classroom door: These are 36 posters of Black History Events. The back of the card provides a good synopsis of each event or key historical figure. Rich discussions can be generated.

The events on the cards are Montgomery bus boycott, March on Washington, Nat Turner’s slave rebellion, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The voting right act, The Tuskegee Institute, The Tuskegee Airmen, The Emancipation Proclamation, Brown v Board of Education, Phillis Wheatley’s Poetry, The Civil rights act of ‘64, NAACP, Segregation, 13th amendment, Jackie Robinson, First African American President, The million man march, Black leaders in reconstruction, Death of MLK Jr, Freedom Riders, Slave revolt on Amistad slave ship, The civil war, The Harlem Renaissance era, and The Underground Railroad.

8 Inspiring Black History Month Doors 5

Covers for Black History Month Doors

black history month classroom door cover and vertical banners

Black History Month Door Cover with Porch banners: This door cover hangs from the top corners of a classroom door with matching porch banners on either side.

black history month classroom door cover

Black History Month Classroom Door Cover: This lightweight polyester cover is easy to set up on your door. It has a copper hole in each of the four corners and comes with the string for hanging it up.

8 Inspiring Black History Month Doors 7

More decorations for Black History Month Doors

Black history month classroom decorations paper fans on door

Your classroom door can also be decorated with black history themed buntings, banners, cutouts, pictures, and paper fans. See more details about these decorations in this blog post.

8 Inspiring Black History Month Doors 7

I hope you this page has given you ideas for decorating your Black History Month doors. If you’d like to see more bulletin boards for Black History Month, check out the ideas in this blog post.

More pictures will be added as I find them. If you’d like to have me create a custom design for a classroom door bulletin board for you, you can contact me either in the comments, or through my TpT store’s ‘Ask This Seller a Question tab’.

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