Spring Themed Bulletin Boards

Spring Themed Bulletin Boards

This is a collection of spring themed bulletin boards that teachers have put up in their classroom. Spring bulletin boards help to bring the feeling spring season into the classroom with cutouts of birds, butterflies, flowers, spring trees, clouds and green leaves. Use a lot of green classroom decorations and greenery walls to your complement spring themed bulletin boards.

Creative border trims for these bulletin boards can be vines, flower garlands, or rows of 3D flowers. See how to decorate spring bulletin boards with vines in this blog post.

Many of the spring themed bulletin boards below can be used to make spring door bulletin boards. See examples of these door bulletin boards here.

I love to find awesome bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making spring themed bulletin boards.

Spring Themed Bulletin Boards with flowers, and trees

Spring bulletin board we bloom together

We Bloom Together bulletin board: This was made from a complete bulletin board set that has a border trim, letters, buntings and wild flower cutouts.

Spring April Showers bulletin boardSpring April Showers bulletin board on shelf or cabinet

April Showers May Bring Flowers bulletin board: The two bulletin boards in the picture above came from this set. You can make it with the umbrella upright or up-side down.

Spring Themed Bulletin Boards 1

Tree bulletin Board: I love this Spring themed bulletin board with all of the woodland animals and butterflies. The tree comes with ten woodland animals and seventy-nine green leaves. See more spring tree bulletin boards in this blog post.

Spring themed bulletin board never stop growing
spring bulletin board never stop growing 2spring bulletin board never stop growing 1

Never Stop Growing bulletin boards: Just as the flowering plants grow, this bulletin board is for your students’ growing little minds. I found another bulletin board with the same message of ‘Never Stop Growing’. This one has a Spring tree with flowers, and a border trim. In one of the bulletin board pictures, the teacher cut up the grass border trim and used it as tufts of grass with the flowers. This is a great idea for if you don’t have enough border trim for making a large bulletin board. She used a different trim for the border instead.

Spring Themed Bulletin Boards 3Spring bulletin board hello spring 3 in glass window display case
Spring bulletin board hello spring for student writing work displaySpring bulletin board hello spring 2

Hello Spring Bulletin Boards: You can make a very simple Spring bulletin board using a bulletin board set that has both Spring cutouts and the words ‘Hello Spring’. Click on the bulletin boards above to find them on Amazon. You can tell by the amount of pictures that these are some of the most popular types of spring themed bulletin boards for classrooms.

Spring bulletin board simple happy face cloud

Happy Cloud Spring bulletin board: This bulletin board looke to be totally handmade so if you like to do bulletin boards from scratch, you can try it. I see the hand drawn letters, cloud and butterflies. The colorful dotted border trim matches the colors of the flowers and the crepe paper streamers perfectly.

Spring bulletin board swing into springswing into spring bulletin board set

Swing Into Spring bulletin boards: These are scenic bulletin boards each with a large tree that has a swing. They are almost identical but this one has only the tree and cutouts while the other one includes the words ‘Swing into Spring’.

Spring tree bulletin board flying into spring

Flying Into Spring Bulletin Board: You can merge two bulletin boards together to make a bulletin board like this. The this ‘Flying into Spring’ bulletin board set and this tree set.

Spring Themed Bulletin Boards 5

Spring ClassRoom Kindness Bulletin boards

Spring bulletin board Spring into Kindness

Spring Into Kindness bulletin boards: Recreate this spring themed classroom kindness bulletin board with this tree bulletin board set, burlap border trim, and letters. It looks like cotton balls were used to make the clouds.

spring themed classroom kindness bulletin board

Kindness is Never Wasted bulletin board: This bulletin board was decorated with these 3D flowers and these letters.

Spring bulletin board be a rainbow in someones cloud

Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud: These set of Sproutbrite posters are featured on a bright yellow background. The lovely border trim and colorful buntings are both in rainbow colors to make this bulletin board pop.

Spring Themed Bulletin Boards 5

More Spring Themed Bulletin Boards

Below are more ideas for spring themed bulletin boards that are found on Amazon.

Spring Themed Bulletin Boards 9

Grow Together bulletin board: These are two Spring themed Sproutbrite posters that make a bulletin board that reads ‘Play Together, Learn Together’.

Spring Themed Bulletin Boards 11

I like how this March into Spring bulletin board shows the transition from Winter to Spring with snowflakes falling on snow to raindrops falling on grass. The ants marching also makes it perfect for the month of March. You would need brown, green, blue, and white paper make this, this border trim, and a brown marker to draw details on the ants. So creative!

Spring Rhyme bulletin board for classrooms

Spring Rhyme bulletin board: Using a catchy rhyme verse in a bulletin board makes students want to read it over and over because they like that the words have a ring to them. A spring themed rhyme that you can use is ‘Bye-bye winter! So long snow! It’s time to watch the flowers grow’. Use a blue background for the snow part, a green background for the spring part, and this colorful border trim.

Spring themed growth mindset bulletin board

Spring themed growth mindset bulletin board: This bulletin board set is large enough for a school hallway or a large classroom. The growth mindset side of the bulletin board has flowers and leaves.

Spring Bulletin Board we are leaving winter behind

Leaving Winter Behind bulletin board: This is such a complete bulletin board set that you can pick and choose what you need to use. It comes with a corder trim, words, and lots of different spring themed cutouts.

Spring Bulletin Board when we learn we grow

When We Learn, We Grow bulletin board: The teacher only used half of the cut outs in this bulletin board set.

Spring Easter Groovy bulletin board

Happy Spring Groovy Easter bulletin board: The style of this bulletin board is groovy themed and the cutouts are Easter themed. The teacher that made this hallway bulletin board bought three packs to fill out the space.

spring bulletin board soaring into spring hot air balloons

Soaring into Spring bulletin board: I like that this is a crafty bulletin board. The teacher started with a spring bulletin board set and added her students’ hot air balloon paper plate crafts to it. She also made her own 3D clouds at the top.

Spring Themed Bulletin Boards 13

More ideas for spring themed bulletin boards will be added as I find them. You may also be interested in these spring tree bulletin boards.

Hispanic Heritage Month 3D flowers for classroom bulletin boards

If you need extra cut outs for your bulletin boards and other spring decorations for your classroom, check out these spring themed classroom decor ideas.

Spring Themed Bulletin Boards 15