10 Easy Classroom Job Bulletin Boards

Classroom Jobs Bulletin Boards

Ready-made classroom job bulletin boards are easier and faster to put up on your walls becuse you don’t have to print or cut out anything. Teachers hang them up as visual rosters for students to see their weekly or daily job allocations. Many of the classroom job bulletin boards come with extra cards that are black for you to add in more jobs to them.

Ready-made bulletin boards do not have as many classroom chore categories as the printable classroom jobs. But they save you time in terms of preparation.

I love to find awesome classroom bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Below are a few of the classroom job bulletin boards that you can find on Amazon.

Classroom Job Bulletin Boards

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Classroom Jobs Bulletin Board by Eureka: This set has 15 classroom jobs. The pockets came separately.

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Helping Hands Bulletin Board: If you want a bulletin board with calming colors, this one would be just right.

Classroom Jobs bulletin board boho themeclassroom jobs boho bulleton board cards

Boho Classroom Jobs bulletin board: This boho themed classroom jobs bulletin board set is great for choosing your classroom helpers for the day. It comes with extra blank cards and all the cards come in reusable plastic zip bags which is nice for storing it to use later or next year.

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Industrial Farmhouse Classroom Jobs Bulletin Board: The classroom jobs in this bulletin board set comes with extra blank cards for you add add more jobs to it if you need to.

classroom jobs bulletin board farmhouse greenery

Greneery Farmhouse bulletin board: This is a small and simple bulletin board that is great for training new students to use a classroom jobs bulletin board roster. I have to mention that the cards are not pockets. They look like pockets but they are simple job cards.

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Tips for Making Classroom Job Bulletin Boards

classroom jobs apple theme bulletin board

Make it themed based by using cutouts: Add any themed cutout set to a printable classroom jobs bulletin board set. This teacher added apple cutouts to each job card and kept the extra cutouts on a zippy bag on the bulletin board. She wrote the students’ names on the apples. She put Velcro circles on the backs to make it quick and easy to change out the helpers each week. I don’t know where she got the printable set from but you can use my chevron bulletin board set. The colors would work well with apples. See more printable classroom job bulletin boards here.

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How to Make Classroom Job Bulletin Boards from Scratch: This chalkboard themed classroom jobs bulletin board was made from scratch using library pockets with name sticks in them, letter cutouts, and job labels on the front of the library pockets.

10 Easy Classroom Job Bulletin Boards 7

Classroom Job Pocket Charts

Classroom job bulletin boards can come in the form of pocket charts that you can hang on your classroom wall or on your whiteboard. I personally prefer using a pocket chart to hold the job cards so that the cards can be easily changed out or moved around. See examples of classroom job pocket charts below.

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Blue Helping Hands Pocket Chart: This pocket chart holds cards for student names which are matched to job cards. You can laminate the hands and use a dry erase marker to write the names so they can be reusable. You can also use a TpT set that matches your theme with it.

classroom jobs helping hands pocket chart black

Black Helping Hands Classroom Jobs Pocket Chart: This pocket chart set is different from the one above and is made by a different brand. The teacher uses it with hand signals and she made lanyards for her students to wear to match the job cards.

classroom jobs pocket chart with cardsclassroom jobs pocket chart with cards 2

Classroom jobs pocket chart with dry-erase cards: This is a complete classroom job bulletin boards set that comes with a pocket chart, laminated job cards, and blank name tabs, wall hooks, and dry-erase markers. A second grade teacher used it for her class and she says that she loves the wide variety of jobs and the extra tabs for names that she can add in the future.

More pocket charts will be added soon.

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