Hispanic Heritage Classroom Decor

Hispanic Heritage Classroom Decor

These are Hispanic Heritage Classroom Decor ideas for teachers to try. Use these decorations to educate students about Hispanic culture, history, and traditions. Every type of decoration has an interesting history which shows how it became a part of hispanic culture.

These Hispanic Heritage Classroom decorations can be placed on your bulletin boards, and whiteboards, and be hung up on your classroom walls and doors.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making Hispanic Heritage Month classroom decorations.

Hispanic Heritage Classroom Decor

Hispanic Heritage Month classroom light up sign hola

Light-up neon signs: Neon signs that have colorful lights can be a festive focal point on your classroom wall. This wall has an Hola sign and a bookcase with other decorations that pay tribute to latino culture.

Hispanic Heritage Month tapestry for schools

Tapestries for Hispanic Heritage Month: This tapestry banner is made of high-quality material, which is durable and weather-resistant, making it perfect for both inside the classroom, the school hallways, or the school’s front entrance wall.

Hispanic Heritage Month country flag buntings decorationsHispanic Heritage Month country flag buntings on string on classroom wall
Hispanic Heritage Month country flag buntings 3Hispanic Heritage Month country flag buntings 4

Hispanic Country Flag buntings: Hang up a garland of mini flags of different Hispanic countries in your classroom. They can be hung from your ceiling or over your whiteboard or classroom door. Your students can quiz each other about what country each flag is from.

Hispanic Heritage Month 3D flowers for classroom decorations orangespring 3D flowers for above whiteboard

3D Flowers: Teachers use the soft paper 3D flowers to decorate their classrooms for Hispanic Heritage Month. They can be spread over whiteboards, bulletin boards, and on clsassroom doors.

Hispanic Heritage Month classroom door of assignment woth papel picado

Papel Picado garlands: Brighten up any area of your classroom with colorful papel picado garlands. The classroom doors are covered with students’ work which have colorful cardstock on the back of each page. The colors match the garlands very well.

Hispanic Heritage Month paper fans on bulletin board

Paper Fans: Multicolored fiesta paper fans are typically found on Hispanic bulletin boards and doors.

hispanic heritage month sombrero cutouts for bulletin boards

Cut Outs: These fiesta sombrero hat cutouts make this simple bulletin board very festive. This is one of the most popular hispanic heritage classroom decor ideas.

Hispanic Heritage Classroom Decor 1

I have similar Hispanic Heritage Month classroom decorations suggestions to the ones above that you can check out in this blog post about Fiesta classroom theme decorations.

Hispanic Heritage Month Classroom Door bulletin boards

Teachers are making some beautiful classroom door bulletin boards for Hispanic Heritage Month. I made a small collection of them on this page for you to get inspired to create one for your classroom.

You may also be interested in bulletin board ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month. See the bulletin boards that teachers are making in this blog post.

More hispanic heritage classroom decor ideas will be added to his page as I find them.

Hispanic Heritage Classroom Decor 3