Self-Esteem Bulletin Boards

self esteem bulletin boards

Self-Esteem Bulletin Boards are helpful for reminding students to think positively about themselves and to feel good about who they are. Positive affirmation bulletin boards and ‘You Are’ bulletin boards are the most popular types of self-esteem bulletin boards that teachers usually create.

These bulletin boards are worded in two ways. They can have messages written in the first person or in the second person. The first person messages start with the phrase ‘I am’ and the second person ones start with ‘You Are’. The rest of the message is usually a list of positive attributes that students can see in themselves like brave, smart, intelligent, etc.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making self-esteem bulletin boards.

Self-Esteem Bulletin Boards

Self Esteem posters on bulletin board with mirrors

Motivational quote poster bulletin board with mirrors: These self-esteem boosting posters come in either white or black. The teacher chose the white posters and stapled them unto a black background. She also added mirrors the bulletin board. See examples of classroom mirrors you can use in this blog post.

self-esteem Believe in yourself bulletin board

Believe in yourself bulletin board: This bulletin board grabs attention with the bright colors on a dark background. It reads ‘Believe in yourself and you will be unstopable’.

Self Esteem bulletin board for students to feel encouraged

“It’s OK to” bulletin Board: This bulletin board is helpful for reminding students to give themsselves grace for any misakes they have made.

Self-Esteem Bulletin Boards 1

Self-Esteem Bulletin Boards with ‘You Are’

self esteem bulletin board your are awesome to the core

You are Awesome to the Core bulletin board: This is a complete bulletin board set with an apple theme. This matching apple themed border trim blends in perfectly.

You Are Self esteem bulletin board with positive affirmations

Affirmations Bulletin Board: This self-esteem bulletin board set has bright affirmations for students to read aloud.

self esteem bulletin board boho

Boho Self Esteem Bulletin Board: Remake this bullein board for your class if you like the boho theme. It has 17 positive attribute word cards.

you are self easteem bulletin board for student mental health

‘You Are’ Positive Affirmations: A teacher used this bulletin board set for an SEL Bulletin board in the SEL school hallway. She added mirrors so that the students could see themselves.

Self-Esteem Bulletin Boards 1

Classroom Decorations for Self Esteem

Affirmation stations as self esteem bulletin boards

Affirmation Stations: Aside from Self-Esteem Bulletin Boards, you can use positive affirmation stations to help develop of grow your students’ self esteem. See examples in this blog post.

self esteem neon sign on tapestry

Neon signs: I like this simple ‘believe in Yourself’ light up neon sign that you can hang over a greenery wall, tapestry, or blank bulletin board in your classroom.

Self-Esteem Bulletin Boards 1

I hope this has helped you get ideas for making self-esteem bulletin boards for your students. More ideas will be added as I find them.

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