Storing Student Community Supplies

Storing student community supplies

Are you looking for ideas about Storing Student Community Supplies in your classroom? Teachers used caddies on group tables and pocket charts on the walls and over doors to store community supplies. These supplies can be classroom stationery items like textbooks, color pencils, crayons, markers, pencils, and pens. Some supplies are kept in pocket charts, closer to the teacher desk. These are for suplies that are expensive, important, or possibly dangerous, like scissors, calculators, laptops, tablets, and headphones or earbuds.

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Storing Student Community Supplies in Classrooms

Classroom Community Storage Supply

Storage items that you can use for Storing Student Community Supplies are caddies, wooden racks, metal racks, trolley carts, plastic drawer organizer chests for tabletops, locking storage boxes and pocket charts.

Caddies for Storing Student Community Supplies

community rotating caddy cups with removable cupscommunity rotating caddy cups with removable cups 2

Rotating cup caddies with removable cups: This caddy is perfect for any classroom. The best feature is that the sections are removable, which is a feature that is hard to find among other caddies like it. I love that it can be used in any part of the classroom: at the art center, on student small group tables or the teacher desk, to have easy access to any supply you may need. It is durable and is ready for the wear and tear of a classroom full of students.

community caddy cups with removable cups

Non-rotating caddies with removable cups: These caddies hold six of each of the basic classroom supplies that are needed for each small group and they don’t spin.  They are sturdy and stable.

community supplies drawer organizer for storing community supplies

Utility storage organizer chest: A drawer organizer chest with lots of compartments is great for storing collections of stationery supplies that teachers can give out as rewards.

Pocket Charts for Storing Student Community Supplies

community supplies in hanging organizer for shoes

Use a pocket chart as a stationery dispenser: Students can go to a community pocket chart to get the stationery that they need. Teachers can keep the student rulers, highlighters, pens, pencils, markers, and gluesticks, in the large pockets.

community supplies storing headphones

Store Community headphones in a large pocket chart: Make a mobile earphone storage station by hanging a large pocket chart, with an earphone in each numbered pocket, on the back of a mobile chart stand. This will prevent tangled cords and each student will be able to quickly find his or her designated pair. See different options for mobile chart stands in this blog post

community supplies storing scissors

Store community scissors in a pocket chart: Use a clear numbered pocket chart to store your pairs of scissors for your students. This pocket chart comes with number stickers for each pocket.

classroom calulator pocket chart for community suppliescommunity supplies storing calculators 2

Store calculators in a pocket chart: Teacher keep calculators in pocket charts that can be hung on the wall or over the classroom door. Use a number system to link students to calulators, and to the designated pocket for each calulator.

Storing Student Community Supplies in Containers

community supplies storing stationery in stacking baskets

Stacking baskets for storing classroom stationery: Stackable baskets can store twice as many stationery items in shelves than regular baskets.

community supplies storing stationery in stacking containerscommunity supply storage in stacking containers for classrooms
Storing Student Community Supplies in stackable containers

Large containers with lids for classroom storage: These Sterilite containers are stackable and the white lids seal them securely. These number stickers are large enough to fit these large containers.

Large stackable containers with lids for storing student supplies: Store student sullplies in large stackable containers. Number each container to manage what each student has in his or her own container.

community supplies storing textbooks in cubby shelf

Book bins for storing community textbooks: Textbooks and wokbooks can be stored in numbered book bins in a classroom cubby shelf. Add the numbered labels to the shelf cubbies or the bookbins. These circle labels were laminated and the student numbers were written in with a marker. See how book bins are used to store other student community supplies in this blog post.

Classroom Mailboxes for Storing Community Supplies

community supplies storing student workbooks in classroom mailbox

Store student workbooks in a classroom mailbox: This mailbox can hold up to four workbooks in each compartment. It has 27 compartments.

Storing Classroom Community Supplies in Roller Carts

community supply storage roller cart for classroom stationery

Roller carts with containers for storing students supplies: This roller cart has 3 tiers and extra add-on storage for classroom stationery. The fact that it is mobile makes it easy for students to pass it around different group tables to share out and collect supplies.

Storing Student Community Supplies 1

Classroom technology devices are also stored in community storage stands. Classroom laptops are stored in wooden racks, metal racks, and locking storage boxes. Classroom tablets are stored in smaller racks, wall hanging file organizers, and classroom mailboxes. See examples of how laptops and tablets are stored in this blog post.

Storing Student Community Supplies 3