Classroom Backpack Storage

Classroom Backpack Storage

Classroom Backpack Storage can be done in two ways. You either hang the backpacks on the wall or you store them in cubby shelves. You can hang up students’ backpacks from wall mounted coat racks, from adhestive hooks on the wall, or from ‘S’ hooks attached to a wire grid in your classroom. For cubby shelf storage, use wooden shelving units with hooks in each compartment. These classroom backpack storage units can be either free-standing or wall mounted.

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Classroom Backpack Storage Shelves

backpacks in coat rack shelving unitbackpacks in coat rack shelving unit on wall

Use a floor standing coat rack shelving unit: A standing coat rack shelving unit is one of the best ways to store classroom backpacks because they are strong, they last long, and you don’t have to drill holes in the wall or stick anything to the wall to use them.

yellow classroom chairs and wall

Use wall hanging shelving units for hanging backpacks: Wall hanging shelves are suspended off the floor and are nailed or screwed to the wall. These shelves have cubby sections for classroom backpack storage.

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How to Hang Classroom Backpacks on Walls

backpacks hang from s hooks and cable ties on window grate

Hang backpacks from a classroom window grate: I applaud this California teacher for coming up with this idea. She has an iron grate on the outside of her classroom window for hanging backpacks. These students backpacks are hung using ‘S’ hooks that are secured by colorful zip ties.

hanging backpacks on wall with adhesive hooks

Hang classroom backpacks right on the wall with hooks: These strong adhesive hooks can hold a heavy backpacks and stay put on the classroom wall.

backpack wooden rack for classroom wall

Hang school bags from wall hanging hook rack: Wall hanging coat racks for classroom backpacks are made of wooden and metal. These racks would be covered with a line of hooks. Racks like these are an option for you if you are allowed to drill into your classroom wall.

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See special hooks that teachers are using to hang students’ backpacks to their desks in this blog post.

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