How to Hang Anchor Charts on the Wall

How to hang anchor charts

Every teacher needs to know how to hang anchor charts on the wall. To hang an achor chart on your classroom wall, you can use an anchor chart wall hanger. If you need to hang your anchor chart on your whiteboard, use strong magnetic hooks, suction hooks, or a magnetic rod hanger. See examples of each method below.

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How to Hang Anchor Charts on a Wall

how to hang anchor chart on wall

Use an anchor chart wall hanger: If you’re teaching from home and you do not have the space for a whiteboard easel or anchor chart stand, you can hang your anchor charts from your wall using this hanger made by the Post-It brand. This will free up your floor space and the hanger is designed to fit different sizes of anchor charts.

anchor charts hanging on bulletin board

Hang anchor charts on a bulletin board: If you plan to keep an anchor chart displayed for more than a week, or if you won’t be flipping to a new page anytime soon, then it would be better for you to hang the anchor chart on a bulletin board. Use strong double sided tape on the back of the anchor chart pad to stick it to the bulletin board.

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How to Hang Anchor Charts on whiteboards

hanging an anchor chart on a whiteboard with a magnetic rod hanger

Use a magnetic rod hanger on your whiteboard: Anchor charts can hang from a magnetic bar that stay on your magnetic whieboard. See examples of magnetic bar racks in this blog post.

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Use strong magnetic hooks: If you do not have the space for a chart stand, hang your anchor chart from your whiteboard or wall area with hooks. These strong magnetic hooks can easily hold the weight of a large anchor chart.

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I hope this has helped you get ideas for hanging anchor charts in your classroom. More anchor chart hanging tips will be added as I find them.

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Find the best anchor charts for classrooms in this blog post and the best chart stands for anchor charts here. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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