Reading Book Bags for Classrooms

Reading book bags for classrooms

Teachers use Reading Book Bags to display and store reading books in their classrooms for guided reading, independent reading, peer reading, and lending libraries in the classroom. Each bag would have a student’s name or number on it. These bags can be hung up in the library area and can also be used as take-home book bags for students. They can usually fit in a standard backpack.

A good book bag is one that would not rip apart easily. It should come with a label pocket for you to slide in your student’s name on it. Some books bags are clear and made of plastic, other can be made of colorful cloth a non-woven material.

The books that students are currently reading can stay in their book bags. You can also put in sight word cards and other specific word work that they need.  I think that book pouches can help to encourage students to read.

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Reading Book Bags

book bags for classroom library books

Clear bags for classroom reading books: These clear book bags come in a rack stand that you can keep in your classroom library area. This teacher is using three racks of book bags to display her read-along books.  You can have your books sorted into the bags based on the reading levels in your classroom. This makes it easy for children to find the books they are able to read quickly.

book bags for independent reading

Independent reading bags: These nylon mesh book bags are 13.75”wide x 11” tall. You can label the front, put a list of the books in the front pocket, and put the books in the large back pocket. 

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Other Uses for Reading Book Bags in the Classroom

book bags for audiobooks

Book Buddy Bags for Audiobooks: Book buddy bags are usually for books but you can use them to store your classrooom audiobooks too.

book bags for storing earphones

Store earphones in clear book bags: You can hang up each earphone in a labeled clear hanging storage bag. These bags come in a set of 24.

book bags as backpacks for preschooler stationery suppliesbook bags as backpacks for preschoolers

Use them as backpacks for preschoolers: Very young children do not need a lot of supplies in their backpacks. They can feel like big kids with their bags having a few stationery items in them. A separate bag can be used for their change of clothes.

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I hope this page has given you ideas for storing and displaying your classroom reading books in book bags.

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