8 Beautiful Burlap Classroom Decor Ideas

Burlap Classroom Decor Ideas

These are burlap classroom decor ideas that can be used on their own to decorate a burlap themed classrom or they can be merged with boho theme classrooom decor. Burlap is a tan colored, woven textured fabric. It looks very natural and can give your evironment a hand-made and crafty vibe. Burlap classroom decorations can also be used in a farmhouse classroom theme, boho classroom theme, industrial chic classroom, or a western cowboy classroom theme.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for decorating a burlap themed classroom.

Burlap Classroom Decor Ideas

burlap welcome bulletin board

Make a burlap welcome bulletin board: Recreate this bulletin board with this burlap border trim, this industrial chic bulletin board set of welcome letters and black and white motivational posters.

burlap fringe border trim on bulletin board

Fringe looks good for a burlap theme: The muted colors on ths bulletin board blend well together. The teacher used pink bulletin board paper, a tan fringe border trim, and a tan fringe macrame garland.

burlap classroom rug small

Have a Burlap Classroom Rug: This rug is actually made of sea grass but it has that burlap look. It comes in different sizes to suit your classroom space.

burlap classroom calendar bulletin board8 Beautiful Burlap Classroom Decor Ideas 1
Burlap classroom decor ideas like burlap bulletin board borders

Use Burlap border trims: These adhesive burlap borders are used on the calendar bulletin board and they match the burlap pocket chart. Add these trims to bulletin boards that are generally tan colored with natural elements, like the tiny plant accents on this birthday bulletin board.

burlap flowers for bulletin boards

Add burlap flowers to bulletin boards: These burlap flowers come in assorted burlap fabrics and styles. You can add them to the corners of your bulletin boards to make them more beautiful. This is one of the cutest burlap classroom decor ideas that I’ve found for bulletin boards.

reading bulletin board reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body

Make a crafty burlap reading bulletin board: You can use a wired burlap ribbon to make a curly border trim around your bulletin board. This bulletin board has a cords of tan macrame thread that wan plaited into a tree. So beautiful!

burlap border trim on whiteboard

Add burlap border trims to your whiteboard: This scalloped burlap border trim is easy to install because it is sticky on one side.

burlap back to school bunting banner for bulletin boards

Add a burlap bunting to bulletin boards: I like this large back to school burlap bunting garland. It can go over bulletin boards or whiteboards. This is one of the most common burlap classroom decor ideas.

8 Beautiful Burlap Classroom Decor Ideas 3

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8 Beautiful Burlap Classroom Decor Ideas 5