Garden Themed Classroom Decor Ideas

Garden themed classrom decor

Garden Themed Classroom Decor ideas are great for springtime. The main focus word of a garden classroom theme is the word ‘grow’. You can have a lot of greenery in your decor and have succulents or flowering plants in your bulletin boards. These can be cutouts of potted plants or cutouts of plants in a garden scene. You can also have cutouts of seed packs, seedlings, watering cans, gardening gloves, clouds in the sky, raindrops, gardening tools, and flowers.

Here are common garden themed headers for bulletin board that you can use in your garden themed classroom: We Grow When We Learn, Ready to Grow, We All Grow at Different Rates, Let’s Root for Each Other, When We Learn We Grow, Watch Us Grow, Grow Your Mindset, Growing Our Minds, Grow Where You Are Planted, Let’s Dig In. A garden classroom theme would also have a growth mindset bulletin board with a garden elements on it.

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Garden Themed Classroom Decor Ideas

Garden themed classroom door WE GrowGarden themed classroom door when we learn we grow

Garden themed classroom door design: This garden themed classroom door has been decorated with a ‘When we Learn, We Grow’ bulletin board set. Here is another similar set for classroom doors. The message on these doors is one of the most common ones you’ll see for any garden themed classroom decor bulletin board.

Garden themed back to school bulletin board

Garden themed Back to School Bulletin Board: These tissue paper flowers helped to make the beautiful garden flowers on the bulletin board. The words ‘Ready to Grow’ add to the garden theme. Tissue paper stems and leaves were added to complete the flowers. When teachers are asked about garden themed classroom decor ideas, most of them recommend using 3D flowers to make the bulletin boards stand out.

Garden themed growth mindset bulletin board on cupboard
Garden themed growth mindset bulletin board on wallGarden themed growth mindset bulletin board
Garden Themed Classroom Decor Ideas for growth mindset bulletin boards

Garden themed Growth Mindset Bulletin Boards: This classroom cupboard displays a rustic bloom growth mindset bulletin board that is complete with a header, cutouts of flowers and watering cans, and flower pots with the growth mindset affirmations. I found another garden themed growth mindset bulletin board set that has even more pieces. It has flower pots with succulents. The positive affirmations are on the flower pots, and there are lots of flower cutouts, watering can cutouts, and a ‘Grow your Mindset’ header. The succulents border that was used, matched perfectly with everything. The double bulletin boards have the rustic bloom growth mindset bulletin board on the left, and flower pot cutouts with motivational strips on the right.

Garden themed birthday bulletin board

Make a Garden themed bithday bulletin board: Any birthday bulletin board set that has succulents, potted plants, for flowers, can make a beautiful birthday bulletin board for your class. I like that the heading on this bulletin board says ‘Watch Us Grow’.

Garden themed bulletin board we all grow at different rates

We All Grow at Different Rates’ bulletin board: A very talented teachercher made this bulletin board from scratch. She used flowering plant cut outs and a faux wood strip to give everything the illusion of looking realistic and three-dimensional. I found similar posters here.

Garden themed classroom bulletin board headings

Headings for garden themed bulletin boards: Use large letter cutouts to make bulletin board headings like ‘Plantng Ideas’ and ‘Growing Our Minds’.

garden themed floral ceiling decorations

Hang flowers from the ceilingColorful flowers can hang from the ceiling or from the sides of your bulletin boards and cupboards. See tips for hanging decorations from the classroom ceiling in this blog post.

Garden Themed Classroom Decor Ideas 1

Garden Themed Classroom Decor Tapestries

Garden themed classroom tapestry gro where you are planted

Hang a Garden themed flag tapestry in your classroom: This is actually a set of three different flag tapestries. The messages on them are ‘Grow where you are planted’, ‘Take it easy’, and ‘Treat people with Kindness’. They are mafe of cotton and have steel grommets along the tops. The beautiful flowers on them match a garden theme.

Garden themed classroom tapestry let's root for each other

Let’s Root for Each Other classroom tapestry: This is a small pennant flag tapestry that can be hung from a nail.

Garden Themed Classroom Decor Ideas 3

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