Simple Fridge Bulletin Boards

Fridge Bulletin Boards

Fridge Bulletin Boards are a fun way to display students’ work on your classroom wall. Just like a proud parent displays their child’s work on the fridge at home, teachers can create a large ‘classroom fridge’ bulletin board for displaying students’ artwork and projects. A fridge bulletin board is also used to let students show the work that they are proud of.

I love to find awesome bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making fridge bulletin boards.

Fridge Bulletin Boards

Fridge bulletin boards with white bulletin board paper

Simple Fridge Bulletin board: If you want to have a simple design, just make a plain bulletin board with a white background, and add the letters ‘The Fridge’. If you want the surface to be have a glossy ‘dry erase’ finish like a real fridge, use white dry erase contact paper as the background.

Fridge bulletin board diy

D.I.Y. fridge bulletin board: Make a large fridge cutout using white bulletin board paper and thick black markers. I like that this one looks like an old school type of fridge with the freezer on top.

Fridge bulletin board with pushpins on clothespins

The Fridge bulletin board with pushpins: Use clothespins with embedded pushpins to display students’ work. Use this free TpT template for the words ‘The Fridge’ created by Hope Marie Classroom for your heading.

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Simple Fridge Bulletin Boards 1