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This post is a growing listing of ideas for classroom rule bulletin boards that are perfect for an elementary classroom.  I have a free, printable classroom rule bulletin board poster set that you can download for free. See pictures of it in this blog post. I also have lots of classroom rule posters in different themes that you can check out from my TpT collection.

I love to find awesome classroom bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making Classroom Rule Bulletin Boards.

Classroom Rule Bulletin Board Ideas

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Positive Affirmation Posters for Classroom Rules bulletin board: If you want to make a classroom rules bulletin board that does not feel restrictive, use positive affirmation posters.

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Use posters with pictures in a bulletin board: This is the most common type of bulletin board for classroom rules. This poster set comes with a classroom rules banner. I have many printable classroom rule posters with pictures that can be made into bulletin boards here.

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Classroom Rule Bulletin Boards for Older Students

Classroom Rule Bulletin Board for Older Students: This is a very classy looking  black and white set of classroom rule posters that have an industrial chic look. The header ‘CLASS RULES’ has posters for each letter, and each rule placed below the header is on a different poster. The fonts and colors make this suitable for higher grade levels like fifth grade and middleschool.

Classroom Rule Bulletin Boards 11

Farmhouse Classroom Rule Bulletin Board: These farmhouse classroom rule posters are great for any nature classroom theme, like a Spring theme, jungle theme, adventure theme, etc. Each poster has some foliage in the frames. This classroom rules bulletin board can be recreated with this white wood background and eucalyptus border trim.

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Chalkboard themed Classroom Rule Posters bulletin Board: These posters have the kind of brightness that would work for a chalkboard theme, bright color theme, or a rock and roll theme.

Classroom Rules bulletin board with posters bee theme hive rules

Classroom Rules Bulletin Board Bee Themed: This ‘Hive Rules’ bulletin board has cutouts, classroom rule posters, and the heading.

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Classroom Rule Column Posters: These posters come attached to each other in a vertical array. They are best for hanging up on classroom doors, column posts, and to the side of your whiteboard.

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Classroom Rule Direction Posters: These are poster cutouts of students and rules that make it easy to students to understand the rules. It contains twelve classroom rules.

Classroom Rule Bulletin Boards in different themes

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See my collection of printable classroom rules in different themes here. These classroom decor printables are from my TpT collection. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime access to the files. Check out this free sample!

More ideas will be added soon.

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